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Stay One Degree: A Social Network for Luxury Homes


A new social media platform is transforming the way luxury travellers find and rent luxury homes

At root, Stay One Degree really is a social network. It creates a group of trusted members all over the world by connecting people who either own luxury homes or are looking to rent one to each other, either directly or by mutual connections. Put simply, this is going to revolutionise luxury travel. The website allows people looking for authentic home-from-home experiences to rent directly from their network of connections within a members’ community. It really is a community; it’s a place where everyone knows everyone else and this, as a result, creates a sense of intimacy and, with it, trust. That is the key to Stay One Degree’s brilliance.

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The genius behind Stay One Degree is that it merges together a social network with a classifieds bulletin board. Now, instead of a homeowner having to announce to the whole world that their home is vacant and up for rent—a homeowner instead gets to rent out their home only to trusted connections in their social circle. Likewise, a would-be renter gets to vet the homeowner and the home they intend to rent.  By making it a closed social network, almost like a country club or gated community, Stay One Degree has eliminated many of the usual risks associated with renting a home from a stranger or inviting strangers into one’s home. Each party knows exactly what they are getting and with whom they are dealing.

To be sure, this is very much an exclusive social network. Only the finest homes in the best of locations can be listed, and prices even at the most modest are priced at $150 a night. At the higher end, a home can cost more than $10,000 a night to rent.  Despite this exclusivity, signing up to Stay One Degree is free and relatively easy.  
Its aim is to make as easy as possible for people to enter into a community seeking a great home, or with one to offer, which is a sensible move indeed.  Anyone curious to try Stay One Degree can easily create an account and start making connections, which is the social network model executed perfectly.

As for the homes on Stay One Degree themselves, they are all top notch. To even be listed on Stay One Degree, a home must be examined by a member of their team and meet certain criteria. Homes are examined for the usual things like cleanliness.  To ensure they are stocked with travel essentials like tea and coffee and toiletries and the like, but so too is a house judged for its style.

During these inspections, the team member is examining the decoration style and the architecture of the home. Stay One Degree does not discriminate against architecture for being either too avant garde or too conservative—there is a very wide latitude of homes which have found acceptance on Stay One Degree.  But they do expect homes to have panache. Stay One Degree have been explicit that their social network is an exclusive experience for homeowners and luxury home seekers alike. Stay One Degree truly are aiming for the top tier of luxury homes. Location too is taken into consideration, as they prize ski chalets and townhouses in the fashionable districts of world capitals, for instance. 

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Anyone who is looking for a comfortable and stylish home to stay on holiday—or indeed, anyone who is looking for a lavish holiday home as the perfect excuse to go on holiday—should immediately sign on to Stay One Degree. Not only does it provide someone the comforts of home, it also ensures one has an experience which is as local and authentic as it is extravagant.  

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