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Relish Luxury with Great Discounts on Luxury Brands at DLF Emporio

Luxury Brands at DLF Emporio

Luxury is making India its home as Luxury is the new-found love of the retail sector nowadays. The sector is growing at an expeditious pace, with some new international luxury brands setting up their stores in the country and at the same time the already existing brands such as Armani, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith & Jimmy Choo etc., are ruling the Indian market with their very new & country-specific strategies. It is a happening sector that can offer a lot more to its consumers. Indian consumers are also showing a remarkable higher preference for luxury fashion brands. They relish buying all things luxury.

Luxury can be exhibited as not just buying labels for status anymore but it incorporates some buying beliefs like getting high quality, worthy products and innovative crafts. In today’s scenario, one size no longer fits all. It is about making the audience feel a unique and certain way by providing them with something that matches their personality. Luxury has come a long way in that regard. The entire shopping scenario has changed and luxury products are favored more day by day. It’s no more just about great quality, fit and delineation but also about the kind of experience, guidance and comfort they get when they visit the Luxury Stores. 

One Such place is DLF Emporio, India’s most Luxurious Shopping Destination. It is a premium luxury shopping-cum-recreation center. DLF Emporio offers a shopping experience like no other as it ensures the highest level of exclusivity for all its brand stores. Some other alluring things include fine luxury restaurants, a luxurious spa & salon and a member’s club. It all designed in a way to invite people to spend an entire day in five-star luxury. There you enjoy four levels of exclusive shopping experience with the latest fashion trends from the most glamorous International and Indian design houses. DLF Emporio is presenting to you its “End of Season Sale” with up to 50% discount on all the Luxury Brands. Explore them below.

Top 10 Luxury Brands on Sale in Delhi:

    TheMichael Kors gives the Indian consumers an access to a wide range of luxury fashion products under the signature Michael Kors Collection and Michael Kors labels. The collection comprises of “male & female accessories”, “footwear”, “watches”, “jewelry”, “men’s and women’s ready-to-wear”, “eyewear” and a complete range of “fragrance products”. It owes some offline stores in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata. The brand is efficiently catering to the Indian audience who are constantly looking for styles that are at par with global standards. Kors is the youngest recipient ever of the “Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award” and even received the Fragrance Foundation’s “FiFi Award for Lifetime Achievement”.  Avail Exclusive Discounts (30% – 50%) at DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj.

    Jimmy Choo is a 21st-century Luxury Accessories brand. The ideal line Jimmy Choo is elucidated by a delegate sense of glamour, a fascinating vibe that offers everything from shoes and handbags to sunglasses and scarves. It was founded in 1996 and the brand continues to grace the red carpet. It was among the first to bring shoes and handbags to Hollywood where the red carpet proved to be the ideal place for the brand exposures. It encompasses a complete range of Luxury Products including- eyewear, sunglasses, belts and perfumes, although the Women’s Shoes remain the main core.

    Avail Exclusive Discounts (30% – 50%) at DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj.

    Emporio Armani is the fashion-forward line from Armani that presents some trendy & ready-to-wear collections. The brand believes in the creative essence of youth by delivering a lively & enthusiastic spirit.Armani designs and retails lifestyle products such as “apparel”, “accessories”, “eyewear”, “watches”, “jewelry”, “home furnishings”, “fragrances” and “cosmetics” under a range of brand names — Giorgio Armani Privé, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani etc. It operates through five stores in India in New Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. The brand is catering the Indian consumer with a sophisticated fashion and lifestyle collection. The stores posses youthful modernity with elegance. 

    Avail Exclusive Discounts (30% – 50%) at DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj.

    Hugo Boss is aGerman luxury style house and it is named after his founder, BOSS. The brand epitomizes revolutionary fashionable essentials for both men and women. Its core brand encompasses genuine & understated luxury fashion trends. The brand has two Stores one at DLF Emporio in New Delhi and another one is at the Palladium in Mumbai. It announced its new partnership in India with Genesis Luxury in February 2016. The men’s collection encompasses stylish & tasteful collection and evening wear along with advanced sophisticated looks and premium range of after work active wear. The women’s collection upholds feminine trends with a strong focus on extremely beautiful materials and graceful specifications.

    Avail Exclusive Discounts (30% – 50%) at DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj.

  3. PAUL SMITH Paul Smith is an English fashion designer, who has set up a business around his menswear line.Paul Smith entered India with its signature style ‘classic with a twist’ which is created by the fusion of traditional sharp cut, English tailoring with different mannerism. His collections of clothing and accessories for both men and women usually come with the Smith’s trademark multicolored stripe pattern somewhere on each item. The brand owes its stores in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. Paul Smith specializes in an inventive use of traditional craftsmanship and he creates beautiful, desirable & modern pieces. Paul Smith’s customer’s range is from the creative community to students, from Hollywood actors and pop stars to business professionals.

    Avail Exclusive Discounts (30% – 50%) at DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj.

    Coach, Inc is a leading New York design house which comprises of modern luxury accessories. It debuted its first store in India last year (2017), with exclusive partners Genesis Luxury Fashion Pvt. Ltd. at the occasion of their 75th anniversary. Coach, Inc. designs, manufactures and provides accessories and gifts for women and men internationally. It mainly offers “handbags”,” women’s and men’s bag”, “accessories”, “business cases”, “footwear”, “wearables”, “jewelry”, eyewear”, “watches”, and “fragrance products”. The company owes their modern luxury store that showcases Coach’s rich heritage and craftsmanship, to attract the Indian consumers who always look for new brands and styles.

    Avail Exclusive Discounts (30% – 50%) at DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj.

  5. CANALI 
    Canali is an established name inmen’s luxury fashion is a symbol of fine tailoring, grace and style all around the world. Magnificent tailoring, the quality of raw materials, a highly-skilled workforce and the classic Italian touch keeps the brand ahead in the luxury market. The brand is catering the Indian luxury consumer base from its lavish DLF Emporio store in New Delhi as well as other luxury stores in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Chennai. Canali makes masterpieces with surprising wearability and comfort that blended culture and history with style and taste.They create distinctive suits, jackets, trousers and shirts from the finest materials, all handcrafted in Italy.

    Avail Exclusive Discounts (30% – 50%) at DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj.

    Giorgio Armani is anItalian luxury fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani. The Giorgio Armani has earned the much honorable place in the fashion industry through its superior design, relevant themes, and trends. It maintains the spirit of a real luxury brand. Giorgio Armani is not only one of the most respected and known brand names in the fashion and luxury brand industry but it is also one of the most highly valued fashion companies in the world. The brand caters its consumers with class, quality, and exclusivity. Its product line includes all corners of fashion, including apparel, swimwear, accessories, perfume, cosmetics, watches, eyewear, bags and shoes for men, women, and kids.

    Avail Exclusive Discounts (30% – 50%) at DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj.

  7. TUMI: 
    Tumi offers stylish designs to upgrade & beautify all aspects of life on the go. Tumi designs all the prerequisites for business and travel.Tumi is a favorite brand of the people having frequent flights and who demand durability with good functionality at the same time the sleek styling. Being the favorite brand of Luxury travelers tumi products undergo rigorous quality control trials which include a combination of 30 tests. The brand Blends flawless functionality with the essence of ingenuity alive. They are committed to empowering journeys. The brand’ Luxury Products are sold globally in over 75 countries and it has more than 2,200 points of sale.

    Avail Exclusive Discounts (30% – 50%) at DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj.

  8. VILLEROY & BOCH: The Brand Villeroy & Boch is known for its timeless style, unconventional design, and superb quality. Their Designers develop the collections and concepts based on a tradition that shape living environments in the best possible way. Whether it is the areas of bathroom and wellness or fine dining, it could be tiles or cooking products their Luxury items distinguish themselves through their noble impression, intuitiveness, and outstanding quality.  The brand is represented in 125 countries around the world and has 15 production facilities in Europe, Mexico, and Thailand.

Avail Exclusive Discounts (30% – 50%) at DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj.

Contact Details – DLF Emporio:

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