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Maison des Parfums & Jo Malone debut in Delhi


With the luxury perfume market on an upswing, two new brands have set shop in Delhi

India’s beauty industry is expanding rapidly. Be it skin care, makeup or hair, lots of brands are vying for a piece of the market. For Delhi, it’s raining perfumes. In the last two months, two international perfume brands – French Maison des Parfums and British Jo Malone have launched boutiques at Saket Select City Walk. Here’s what we love about their collection:

Message In A Bottle

Maison des Parfums is the most recent entrant to the luxury perfume market in India. Even though it is no match for brands like Armani and Chanel, its artisanal fragrances, curated from around the world have a distinct lingering aroma.  Since their scents aren’t made in bulk, their limited editions make them more coveted. The perfumer travels all over the globe to source the most interesting ingredients for a great scent. 

The experimentation of newer fragrances and final distillation takes place in a small lab in Milan.  Maison des Parfums’ best rated artisanal fragrances include Juliette Has A Gun and Nassomato. Other noteworthy perfumes comprise Jean Patou, Bulgari Le Gemme, Amouage, Etat Libre, The Different Company and Amouroud.  Their boutique in Select City Walk is a breath of fresh air with a pristine white interior and Ikebana flower arrangements. Launched in India by Beauty Concept Pvt Ltd, this is the second store for the Maison in India; their first store is in Palladium Mumbai.

Nose for New

British lifestyle brand Jo Malone’s line of bath and body products are much loved by its patrons. Its luxuriant scents have an equally strong fan following for its romantic and fruity notes. While you could only lay your hands on the brand on a trip abroad, its recent launch in Mumbai has only made things easy. These are our favourite picks:

Queen Of The Night: This perfume is inspired by the Indian flower market and has the main note of the jasmine sambac. The fragrant night flower has been combined with fresh marigold petals, exotic ylang ylang and hints of vanilla and amber to create this enticing fragrance.

Kiss From A Rose: The red rose cologne represents a heart’s yearning in all its raw and intense desires. The perfume is made through an exhaustive process that is both time consuming and labour intensive. Fresh red roses are plucked at dawn, before the sun dries out their natural oil and it takes up to 3,000 kg to create one litre of essential rose oil.

Fragrance Combining: This is Jo Malone’s signature fragrance layering technique that reflects the change in mood, style and occasion. Their most famous combinations include the fruity English Pear and Freesia cologne worn with a woody fragrance of sage and sea salt; or the Tuberose Angelica combined with the Mimosa & Cardamom fragrance.

Battlefield Beauties: The scent is a combination of poppy and barley that is powdery yet delicate and bright. It’s an ode to the battlefield where poppies grow in harsh conditions reminding that life always triumphs.

Peony & Blush Suede: The sweet smell of peonies is balanced by the aromatic black cedar wood and juniper in the perfume. It is finished off with a whiff of suede for an earthy feel.

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