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Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 – The Ultimate Paradise of Shoppers - Welcome to Luxury India No 1 Platform For Luxury Page

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Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 – The Ultimate Paradise of Shoppers

Dubai Shopping Festiva

Dubai, the “destination of distinction” is a flashy city that has everything to offer. It is about having an enriching holiday experience amongst sun, sand, sea, shopping & smiles. However, the desert hotspot Dubai has many centers of attraction within itself, few of them are: “Burj Khalifa”, “Palm Island”, “Jumeirah Beach” & “Dubai Museam”. But most importantly this city is the home of the World’s most Loved Shopping Bonanza- Dubai Shopping Festival. The World Famous Shopping Festival is known as a Shopper’s Paradise and it is something that has made Dubai proud.

Dubai alone has over 70 shopping malls. But shopping places in Dubai are not just restricted to malls but it includes local hideouts and flea markets too. This is the reason that Dubai naturally has become an “Ultimate Shopping Dream Destination” of a “shopaholic”. But this dream generally comes with a price as the big brands and the high-end stores offer heavy priced products.  And this is where Dubai Shopping Festival comes to rescue you, as you can find much-loved fashion brands across all ranges & a lot more at exceptional discounts.

About Dubai Shopping Festival:

Heaven for mavens, the fantasy of a shopaholic and delight of a family & children forms the perfect definition of “Dubai Shopping Festival”. Over a month-long extravaganza, the shopping festival in Dubai is not just about shopping and great discounts but it is a diverse bouquet of activities and festivities. During the entire month, a range of entertaining activities i.e. night fireworks, impressive street splays & international fashion shows etc. are held in every mall, parks, and other tourists’ attractions. These unique activities are held with the intention to ensure emptor’ shopping experience doesn’t get boring. Moreover, every year some inventive programs are introduced to make shopper’s experience distinctive and astounding.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

DSF undoubtedly has always been a matter of pride for Dubai. Moreover, this shopping festival is a way of promoting tourism & trade in Dubai. Their authorities ensure to organize relishing events & activities in order to attract many tourists. A large number of tourists has been increasing every year and this eventuates because of their majestic and exclusive festival ideas. The festivity has also been successfully providing a platform for international talents to show their skills and it helps to improve the economic condition of the country. Eventually, this festival gives the desert country a whole new set of radiant and energetic vibes.

Get Ready to Shop, Win & Celebrate DSF 2018 – 2019:

The dates for Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 are 26th December 2018 to 2nd February 2019. Dubai shopping festival 2019 is going to be enormous and will satiate the shoppers for sure. Being a shopaholic, you must get ready to explore the stunning festival. From one-of-a-kind outdoor markets, fireworks, mega sales and rewards, this year’s DSF Event is sure to impress. Meanwhile, Dubai presents visitors with world-class, immersive retail experiences.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019
  • Shop: There is no better way of shopping because During DSF shopping takes a whole new form as the traditional retail spaces loaded with energy & mega sales also witness some pop-up fashion shows in your favorite stores. Shoppers can see the latest styles and buy eye-catching items right on the spot.
  • Win: DSF offers its shoppers a chance to win something big.  During DSF 2019 they are giving an opportunity to give away some brand new cars and millions of dirhams in cash and prizes on offer. There are so many chances to win incredible prizes this Dubai Shopping Festival.
  • Celebrate: Get ready to pop in DSF’s unique shopping spirit with Dubai’s sparkling stores and retail spaces, while celebrating your brand new products, fresh styles, savings and prizes that too with delicious food and entertainment all in the one destination. You will this time take home luxury at a discounted price along with the mesmerizing memories made in this magical festive time of year.

The places where you can find this Extravaganza:

Festivities during DSF are usually held all over Dubai, which means this shopping festival can be enjoyed in multiple locations. Every mall and mostly every retail store in Dubai participate in the grand festival. Apart from the malls and stores various parks also hold firework and fair-styled events every day to celebrate DSF. Following are some markets in Dubai you can go shopping your favorites.

Markets you can go shopping During DSF:

Global Village, Dubai Mall, Al Fahidi Fort, Gold Souk, Promenade at Dubai Festival City, DSF Desert Camp, Asianet Film Awards, Night Souk,  Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre, Al Seef Street, Ibn Battuta Mall, Festival Waterfront Centre, Al Rigga Street, Lamcy Plaza, Dragon Mart, The Layali Dubai Concert, Mercato Shopping Mall, and Lulu Village are just some of the places where you can make purchase the most of the festival.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

What to Buy In Dubai Shopping Festival 2019?

Fashion Apparels are the strongest pillars of DSF although, but they aren’t the only things shoppers can look for. There are some outstanding deals on electronic items and that make it another favorite among buyers. With huge discounts and other offers on electronics, DSF is the duration when some companies launch their new products as companies find it a perfect platform for making people from all over the world to attend the launches. If you are lucky enough then you may also get a chance to win these products through some draws & exciting offers. Some more things you can consider buying from DSF are:

  • Furniture & Various home appliances from a variety of brands.
  • Authentic Jewelry with unique designs at affordable prices
  • Leather Bags & Jackets from the house of some Luxury Brands
  • Branded Cosmetics with greats deals
  • Perfumes from high-end stores
  • Different kind of Watches i.e. diamond-studded or one with Quartz Dial
  • Exotic Spices & Dry-Fruits etc.

All of them will come at an affordable price because of heavy discounts.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

What’s more, you can do – Beyond Shopping:

DSF is celebrated like any other festival in Dubai, so if shopping is not really your scene there is lot more to do that are meant to please your soul. Apart from shopping, there exist a flood of activities which you could participate in.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019
  • You will get to see a ton of amazing street plays and live shows by artists and musicians throughout Dubai. You would feel a colorful and sparkling atmosphere with the parades that take place in the downtown area.
  • From hotels to malls, from parks to resorts, from landmark destinations to the downtown area in all over the Emirates various workshops and exhibitions are held. It also organizes some celebrity meet and greets for the public.
  • In some major parks like Creek Park and Zabeel Park, Fireworks happen almost every day. If you can arrive a bit early in the parks then you would be able to see a ton of activities and other things here. For instance, you can participate in loads of activities organized for kids, magic shows, food tasting carnival, face painting, etc.
  • One of the main highlights of DSF is the raffle draws that take place every day at every mall of Dubai during this festive month. Where the lucky winners can win and take home cars, cash, gift vouchers or gold. 
  • There would be various things to do other than shopping in the malls too. Flash mobs and fashion shows ramps etc are the centers of attraction here. Moreover, there would be various game shows held in malls & stores where you’d be able to win prizes.
  • For making it even more exciting some major film festivals like Dubai International Film Festival and Children’s International Film Festival are usually held during this period, so you can enjoy watching these movies and catch your favorite stars walking the red carpet.

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