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10 Luxury Wedding Destinations in India for an Unforgettable Experience

10 Luxury Wedding Destinations in India

The wedding bells are ringing, and it takes a whole lot of time and energy to plan everything from the wedding checklist and the most important thing is deciding luxury wedding destinations in India that will witness you getting married to the love of your life.

The wedding is not just limited to the two people who are getting married but, it is the beginning of a connection between the two families who have come together to celebrate the joyous unforgettable moment of their loved ones. Choose the best wedding destinations in India as it’ll remain in everyone’s photographic memories for a lifetime.

As luxury wedding is becoming a trend in India, we have figured out a list of awe-inspiring top 10 luxury wedding destinations in India for a wonderful and an unforgettable wedding, articulated just for you and your beloved ones.

  1. Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, Goa
10 Luxury Wedding Destinations in India

Sprawled over a 65 acre of land, Taj Exotica Resort and Spa is modelled on Mediterranean architecture. You can conduct your wedding ceremony in the main lawn of the resort which overlooks the Arabian Sea. Taj is a perfect luxury wedding site you can book as there are also variously sized halls that can accommodate all of your luxury wedding invitation guests. The resort is spacious and also offers a spa that you can avail if needed.

Goa has always been a favourite wedding destination in India with its collection of luxury wedding venues.

Best Pick: You can avail the Sala Grande A & B banquet hall to host your luxury wedding invitations as it offers a spacious and luxurious setting which is fit for hosting wedding ceremonies. The Sala Medis is smaller compared to Grande which sports a low roof and pillars and is suitable for a small gathering. And in Sala Media, you can set up your cocktail bar for your guests.

Best Time: September to late October in a moderate climate is the best time to celebrate the wedding in Goa.

Tips: If you are looking to enjoy Goa and cut down on the rates of stays for your guests during the wedding, then choose the time just after the monsoon.

  1. RAAS Devigarh by Lebua, Udaipur
10 Luxury Wedding Destinations in India for an Unforgettable Experience

In the village of Delwara, lies an eighteenth-century palace which has been transformed into beautiful and romantic heaven sporting Garden Suite Lawns, Pool-side Venue and Reception Lawn and is a perfect luxury wedding destination where you can give a royal Rajasthani culture and taste to your special day.

Best Pick: In RAAS Devigarh palace, the weddings take place in Durbar Hall and Silver lounge. The courtyards of Durbar and Janana are perfect for accommodating parties or cocktail establishment for up to 40 guests. The picturesque and breath-taking views offered by the restaurant deck would surely steal your heart away. You can also organize your party in the Phool Bagh which is a beautiful garden with the palace sitting behind it as a backdrop. So, engrave the name of the venue now on your luxury wedding cards, because this is the best wedding destination for you.

Best Time: Post tourist season from April to August would be the ideal time to arrange wedding parties here.

Tips: Udaipur being the place of palaces, booking well in advance is advised as it is open to tourists all the time and palaces are in demand for other events as well.

  1. The Leela Palace, Udaipur
10 Luxury Wedding Destinations in India for an Unforgettable Experience

Udaipur is undoubtedly a beautiful wedding destination in India as it features many wedding destinations. One such luxury wedding point is ‘The Leela Palace’ which is bound to give you an experience of the royal wedding. The fancy and fairy-tale décor, delicious menu and associating services which include wedding photographers, security guard, babysitters and an immense range of entertainment is undoubtedly giving your luxury wedding invitations a good name.

Best Pick: Lake Pichola would be the best choice for a royal setting. The Palace has its beauty salon which you can avail, the services, apart from hairstyling and basic beauty needs, also offers mehndi, turban-tying and makeup artists for your family as well as your guests.

Best Time: April to August is the best time to tie the knot in this royal wedding destination.

Tips: make sure to book the venue well in advance to enjoy your fairy-tale wedding.

  1. The Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace, Udaipur
 Luxury Wedding Destinations in India

If you are seeking for perfect and picturesque wedding destinations, then you can try the Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace in Udaipur. This magnificent architectural specimen overlooks the beautiful view of the Fateh Sagar Lake and that of the Aravalli Hills as well as of Sajjangarh Palace. This retreat offers a luxury weddingdestination for your big fat wedding.

Tie the knot and take your vows in one of the best wedding destinations in India and make beautiful memories with your beloved ones. The hotel offers a premium and classy arrangement for a luxury wedding. You can also host your luxury wedding invitations in the Amrapali Lawn and Zen Fountain.

Best Pick: Fateh Sagar Lake, Amrapali Lawn and Zen Fountain.

Best Time: Have a wedding in a palatial setting from April to August.

Tips: Choose the best wedding destination as per your priority as the luxury hotel offers both indoor and outdoor venues with a stunning view of the city.

  1. Trident, Udaipur
 Luxury Wedding Destinations in India

By this far, you have got the point that Udaipur is a perfect wedding destination for it presents an array of sites to host a luxury wedding. One of the best wedding destinations in India as well as in Udaipur is the Trident. The Trident is on the bank of Lake Pichola which adds a romantic air to the palace. The location of Trident is also preferable because of its connectivity to the centre of the city to compensate for any requirement. Trident is undoubtedly one of a kind of wedding destinations with its portrayal of the perfect blending of traditional and the contemporary.

Best Pick: The majestic location of Lake Pichola.

Best Time: Visit Udaipur at any time of the year but, keep your wedding at a very suitable time from April to August

Tips: Plan your wedding with superior event planning, themed décor with candles and flowers and every detail being taken care-off from the dedicated team at Trident, Udaipur.

  1. The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur
 Luxury Wedding Destinations in India

Another beautiful wedding destination in India, with no match, is the Oberoi Udaivilas. The Oberoi Udaivilas offers a regal and prominent Rajasthani culture to its guests, and you can feel like a king having a royal wedding.

The palace is situated beside Lake Pichola and is one of kind of a romantic wedding destination. The palace features courtyards, fountains, and perfect landscapes for views on the outside. And in the inside, it boasts of intricate domes, hand-painted frescoes, mirror works and breath-taking artefacts.

Best Pick: Avail the Promenade and the Chandra Mahal to host a luxury wedding as these halls can comfortably accommodate a private gathering of up to 50 invitees. The décor of the palace and its delicious menu also adds to its beauty and makes it one of the best wedding destinations ever.

Best Time: Plan your wedding at The Oberoi Udaivilas from April to August.

Tips: Getting married with the love of your life at The Oberoi Udaivilas is like a dream come true as it is flexible with outside wedding planners and decorators. Plan your wedding accordingly and communicate with the hotel staff to exchange the vows.

  1. The Leela Resort, Goa
 Luxury Wedding Destinations in India

Ah, the beaches, the salty freshness, the seabirds, the sound of the sea. Now imagine a grand wedding in a beautiful wedding destination in Goa. The Leela Resort is one of the best wedding destinations in India. The structure of the resort is a lovely rendition and blend of the Vijayanagara and the Portuguese architecture.

Best Pick: It is a beautiful site that can host up to 600 guests of your luxury wedding invitations. Do not think twice in assigning The Leela Resort to be your wedding venue.

Best Time: September to late October is the best time for the wedding in Goa. Moderate climate will help you to get a glimpse of Goa with less crowd.

Tips: select the months where you can enjoy Goa climate with less heat, and less crowd compare to the peak seasons to celebrate your wedding.

  1. City Palace, Jaipur
City Palace,  Luxury Wedding Destinations in India

Have a grand and majestic wedding by the romantic shore of Lake Pichola in the luxury wedding destination of City Palace. The palace sports beautiful and picture-perfect gardens and courtyards which are bound to magnify the beauty and luxury level of your wedding.

The Manek Chowk of the palace can accommodate up to 1000 people, and the Zeena Mehal can do that for 500 people. Zeena Mehal is the 17th-century courtyard, and it gives a beautiful view to the guests. The most famous wedding venue in City Palace is the Shivniwas Palace which has won the award of the Best Hotel in India, three times!

Best Pick: Pick from a wonderfully designed architectural build complete with grand balconies, flagged turrets, spacious rooms and fortifications.

Best Time: Without a much tourist interruption, November to late February would be the best time for a wedding.

Tips: Jaipur being one of the luxury tourist attractions of India, welcomes a lot of tourists from around the world and so, plan your wedding well in advance and book the venue.

  1. Taj Hari Mahal, Jodhpur
Taj Hari Mahal, Luxury Wedding Destinations in India

Over a six-acre of land, lies the most beautiful and architectural beauty, Taj Hari Mahal Palace which is a grand point to host your luxury wedding invitations. The architecture is a fusion of the Marwari and Moghul aristocracy that portrays beautiful domes, murals and columns. The attraction of Taj Hari Mahal Palace is the Amar Mahal Hall, which includes luxurious grandeur of the interior loaded with beautiful and huge chandeliers, Jharokas, and arches that reflect intricate and detailed carvings.

The sun-kissed and picturesque courtyards can be a perfect wedding destination for you if you are looking for wedding destinations in India. Wed royally and throw themed and special evening parties for your guests and organize a grand banquet out on the sand dunes with traditional tunes humming in the background. Complete the occasion by creating a mehfil with classical dances, music, lighting, and of course, fly the sparks!

Best Pick: Amar Mahal Hall

Best Time: Celebrate the royal style wedding in the month of September in winter with a monsoon chill in the climate in Jodhpur.

Tips: The advantage of choosing Taj Hari Mahal, Jodhpur is that you can customize the venue as per your budget. Communicate with the venue officials on your wedding package to get it personalized.

  1. Fateh Prakash Palace, Udaipur
Fateh Prakash Palace, Luxury Wedding Destinations in India

Fateh Prakash Palace is an exclusive part of the City Palace Complex in Udaipur. The Fateh Prakash Palace overlooks the Lake Palace, Sajjangarh Fort and Jagat Mandir. The wedding destination is famous for its original Mewar origin which also includes frescoes, chandelier and gold-embroidered canopies. The Rajasthani Cuisine here adds a feather to the palace’s cap.

Best Pick: For a beautiful luxury wedding, avail the Zanana Mahal (beautiful venue for candlelight wedding banquets and other rituals) and Manek Chowk (for the aristocratic festivities) to have an unforgettable wedding experience.

Best Time: April to August

Tips: Dine at the Jagat Mandir via boats.


Exchange the vows of togetherness and tie the love knot in any of these luxury wedding destinations in India for an unforgettable experience and a beautiful memory to remember. Allow them to host a luxury wedding for you, and we promise, you will never regret your decision. Book a luxury wedding destinations beauties now to host a memorable and one in a million kind of luxury wedding.


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