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World’s First Underwater Luxury Hotel in the Indian Ocean


Travelling has always been fun and it offers many unique experiences. You may be living in a vibrant city or having a very active social life but traveling can always help you to be more satisfied. Visiting different places all around the world helps you to learn many new things and have a broader view. As an old saying goes “Travel more to discover yourself”. And this time we have come up with the information of a very new and adventures place. Adventure is waiting for you, go and find it.

Luxury has just got another name added to its kitty. And this time, in fact, it has unfolded at an unusual place rather – the Indian Ocean. Experience the high-end luxury hospitality underwater while enjoying the rich aquatic treasure of the ocean waters of the Maldives. The Muraka – the world’s first underwater luxury hotel opened by the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island of the Maldives in the serene waters of the Indian Ocean is giving a new definition to luxury and one-of-its-kind experiences of life. In the local language, Dhivehi, it translates to “coral.”

What’s so unique about this luxury hotel?

The Maldives has added another feather to its cap with the opening of the aquatic luxury villa. With an underwater luxury restaurant already to its credit – first of its kind again – Maldives has taken the hospitality experience to an altogether different level with the launch of the underwater hospitality marvel. Sitting 16.5 feet under the sea level, this all-glass hotel room – The Muraka, lets you experience the oceanic beauty amidst the amazing aquatic life.

Underwater Luxury Hotel

Explore the Ocean Activities with Undersea villa:

1. The Muraka is built only for having unique experiences. It offers four kinds of journeys, according to different types of travelers: “The Wanderers: who are focused on culture”; “The Flavors: who are focused on food”; “The Soul: who are focused on wellness”; and “The Thrill: who are focused on the adventure”.

2. The Muraka promises to give a very new and unique experience to its guests that they will not find anywhere else in the world.

3. A very serious privacy is provided to the private seaplane or private jetty of the guests who arrived at Murarka with their private jets from the main resort and which they can use for the remainder of their stay.

4. There are a butler and chef provided for each suite, other inclusive indulgences are an on-call fitness trainer, spa treatments, and two jet skis.

5. Sitting 16.5 feet under the sea level, this all-glass hotel room – The Muraka, lets you experience the oceanic beauty amidst the amazing aquatic life.

6. The villa is made of steel, concrete, and acrylic, the aquatic villa includes marine biologists among their staff who ensure the structure has minimal impact with the surroundings.

7. There are two levels to the hotel – one level above the water and the other one below. The level built above the sea level comprises an integrated living, dining, and sleeping area.

8. Along with the integrated space on the upper level, there’s also a deck prime for sunset watching with an infinity-edge pool.

9. In addition to two bedrooms, the upper level has a bathroom with tub facing the ocean. But that’s just one of many all-inclusive indulgences.

10. Guests can take a spiral staircase or elevator to go down which consist of a bathroom, living area, and the bedroom. A curved ceiling and expansive windows offer wide-ranging views of the deep blue & marine life.

11. The glassed-in bathroom is inviting enough to take a pleasant shower viewing the coral around. And if you are lucky enough, you could catch a glimpse of the aquatic passers-by such as turtles, fishes or maybe a shark too.

12. The undersea master bedroom with a king-size bed offers 180-degree views of sea life for an experience of being in a different world. There you can even take shower while watching the fish swim by your bedroom.

And, what’s the price?

Any experience that is unique, surreal and makes for a once-in-a-lifetime indulgence, is worth every buck you spend. The marine hotel is no exception to the rule. Costing around INR 36.07 lakh per night excluding taxes, this is undoubtedly a super-premium experience. But the catch is you cannot book the luxury hotel for one night alone. You need to block your stay for minimum four days making the entire experience ultra-luxurious and very much for the elite.

Additional luxuries to be experienced, if any?

While enjoying your delightful stay at the hotel, feel pampered with the services of a personal chef and a butler, fitness instructor and 90-minute massages in addition to a private speedboat, a gym, a bar, and an infinity pool. The ocean facing bathtub and the underwater bedroom add enough drama to the ethereal underwater experience.

Underwater Luxury Hotel

Contact Info:

You are always welcomed to make reservation inquiries, group bookings or organize your wedding or event at Muraka.

Murarka Reservations Email: TheMuraka@conradhotels.com

Say Hello at+960-668-0629  

Explore for more: https://bit.ly/2FToLMA

Post other Enquiries at: mlehi.maldives@conradhotels.com


As an architectural marvel, The Muraka is sure to kindle the mermaid dreams in you urging you to dream about sleeping amidst the sea and waking up to watching the picturesque beauty of the underwater life around you. Why to swim with sharks when you have an option to sleep with them, Muraka is offering exactly the kind of experience. Muraka is a whole world on a single Island, go and get the new adventure.

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