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Tourists Plunge to the Luxury Stores in Turkey after lira dropped to a record low

Luxury Stores in Turkey

Turkey, the country situated at a unique geographic position on the world map i.e. at the cross-roads of two continents partly in Asia and partly in Europe. The country is blessed with tremendous natural beauty, breathtaking views, glorious cultural sites and out of the world architecture.It has always been one of the favorite places for visitors from foreign countries as Turkey has something for everyone’s taste.

There are some resorts providing posh lifestyle, some majestic mosques and very beautiful museums in Istanbul. But talking about the Luxury Fashion, Turkey is now becoming a junction for fashion too as it is now bringing the best of international fashion to its own streets, and at the same time exporting its home grown fashion to the world.

Economic Crisis in Turkey:

Turkey, now-a-days has become the happiest place on Earth for the tourists, as there is a record low deterioration in Turkey’ Currency Lira. Turkey is more likely to be the cheapest place in the world for shopping. Tourists to Turkey have rushed to its high-end luxury shops to avail luxury goods at the lowest price possible, as their purchasing power has uplifted because of the currency crisis in Turkey.

The country’s currency lira has fallen to a record low that is more than 7 per dollar. The Lira has dropped to more than 40% against the US Dollar this year which means the visitors to turkey can now avail the Luxury Products at a 40% lower price in comparison of other European Countries and they can stay in the Luxury Hotels in turkey at around the half price in comparison of the last few years. Some of the Top International Luxury Brands you can avail shopping from in Turkey are as follows.

Luxury International Brands in Turkey:

A huge crowd of mostly Arabian tourists can be seen outside the Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton stores in the upscale Istanbul, in the wait to acquire the benefits of a breakdown that saw the currency lose around 21% in last few weeks. Let us brief about those brands. 

  1. Louis Vuitton: Louis Vuitton or LV has four fully-fledged company operated stores in Turkey and due to current fall in the turkey currency there is a sudden flock of the tourists in the LV stores, and rightly so as they can now avail the LV products at around 25%-40% lesser price. LV is a French fashion house which specializes in luxury trunks and leather goods. In Addition, it also offers ready-to-wear, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories and sunglasses for both men & women.

Since its inception, LV has been inspired by an enthusiasm to explore new perspectives and continually complementing a world in motion with its symbolic creations. Louis Vuitton can be distinguished through its unique heritage values and diligent essence of modernization and creativity. The LV creations leave their mark with objects that make them legendary.You can head to following places to avail the Biggest Saving on Luxury of LV.


Istinye Park AlisverisMerkezi, 34460   
+90 212 304 64 00


AbdiIpekci Cd, No 23/2Nisantasi, 34367
+90 212 368 64 00


Koru Sok.No.2, Besiktas, 34340
+90 212 355 39 50


BagdatCaddesi N° 438/A, 34740
Suadiye – Kadikoy, ISTANBUL – TURKEY
+90 216 665 50 00

2. Hermes:  Hermes International S.A., which is most commonly known as Hermes Paris, or Hermes, is a French luxury manufacturer. In 2011, one of their famous bags, the Hermes Birkin Bag, was sold at an auction for an extremely surprising price of $203,150 and became the most expensive purse to be sold at an auction that has also set a World Record.

Hermes brings its experienced craftsmanship, luxurious heritage, and imperishable Parisian style to its products. The Products of Hermes ranging from leather goods such as the iconic Birkin and Kelly handbags, men’s cashmere suits, to fine silk scarves and ties, everything is made by hand. You can find the Luxury Stores by Hermes in the following locations in Turkey to shop some Luxurious Products at the significant low price.

  • Hermesmatic Istinye

      Istinye Park, Istanbul,
      Tel +90 212 345 61 64

  • Hermes Emaar Istanbul

      Unalan Mahallesi Libadiye Cad. No 82   
      Camlıca Uskudar, Istanbul, 34700, Turkey
      Tel +90 216 515 45 88

  •  Hermes Istanbul Istinye

     Istinye Bayırı Cad., Sarıyer Istanbul, 34460, Turkey
     Tel +90 212 345 61 64

  • Hermes Istanbul Nisantasi

     Abdi İpekci Cad.Bo.79, Nisantası, Istanbul, Turkey
     Tel + 90 212 24 12 778

3.Chanel: Chanel Paris is one of the most recognized luxury fashion brands in the world, which specializes in “cover clothes”, “fragrances”, “handbags” and “watches”. Iconic fashions Coco CHANEL began designing almost a century ago and CHANEL fragrances and beauty products are revolutionary and enduring. CHANEL continues to set the standard for luxury and distinction with its legendary fragrance Nº5 & the most wearable foundations.

The Currency Crisis has made the tourists to wait half-hour outside closed glass doors. As the “Classic Chanel Camera Case Bag” is available at 18,500 liras, the leather bag was selling for the equivalent of $2877 (around 25% cheaper) which costs around $3700 on a European Chanel online site. You can Head to the Following Location to find the Luxurious Chanel Stores.


           +90 212 368 63 00


+90 216 709 63 03


KATAR CAD. NO: L 407 34460
+90 212 709 63 00

Top Luxury Stores in Turkey, Istanbul:

Istanbul is a vibrant & colorful city and in terms of shopping the city has at least something for everyone. You can find many stalls of the famous Grand Bazaar there, some luxurious istinye Park and some high-end luxury boutiques there. It is firmly established as a global shopping destination, as it now owes big brands and large department stores. Whether you are looking for a bag/tracking or a piece of jewellery for a special occasion, the luxury shops of Istanbul have it all but the question is where to start with. Let us talk about some luxury stores in turkey.

  1. Vakko: Vakko is not just a department store but it is something of an empire in Turkey. Vakko is availing its visitors with some of the most exclusive designer items in the world in its ready-to-wear department stores. Vakko group also includes homeware, bridalwear, perfumeries, chocolate shops and patisseries. 
    Address: Vakko, Zorlu Center AVM, Besiktas, Istanbul.
    +90 (0)212 708 3333
  2. Bulgari: In all over the World, Bulgari is an ever enticing place of Italian glamour. The Istanbul Bulgari Store decorated with chandeliers dripping with crystals and a light airy boutique in the large Zorlu shopping center is just like a haven in which you can enjoy shopping the label’s sparkling jewelry
    Address: Bulgari, Zorlu Center AVM, Besiktas, Istanbul..
    +90 (0)212 999 9830
  3. Omega: For the people looking for Modern Swiss Glamour in the heart of Istanbul, Omega’s Nisantasi store is a must-visit place. The store decorated in the brand’s signature red along with luxurious marble is a perfect place to browse luxury watches and fine jewelry
    Address: Omega, Abdi İpekci Caddesi 65A, Nisantasi, Istanbul
    +90 (0)212 230 0671.
  4. Beymen: Beymen is the best known store among all Istanbul’s department stores, Beymen occupies a big place in the Turkish fashion scene. The shops at Beymen have more than 900 designer labels as well as its in-house brands
    Address: Zorlu Center AVM, Besiktas, Istanbul..
    +90 (0)212 306 3300
  5. Quadran: Quadran has a selection like no other store in the city. The modern, stylish store offers timepieces or watches from the top brands “Jaeger-LeCoultre”, “Breitling” and “Vacheron Constantin”. It also boasts some unique pieces that you will not find elsewhere
    Address: Quadran, istinye Park AVM, istinye, Istanbul..
    +90 (0)212 345 0101
  6. Prada: Italian brand Prada boasts a huge two-storey flagship in the Nisantasi district. This Prada store in Istanbul offers a full range for males and females, from ready-to-wear to fragrance and everything in between.

Address: Prada, AbdiİpekciCaddesi 34, Nisantası, Istanbul
+90 (0)212 368 8450

Wrapping Up:

In the nutshell, we can conclude it by saying that 2 days of Travel to Turkey could be free if tourists invest 5 lacs in shopping. This is the high time to shop for the Luxury Items from some of the Priciest Brands as because of the Currency Fall in Turkey now visitors from other countries can avail huge Discounts on their favorite Luxury Brand Products. Visitors to Turkey can also have pleasure to stay in the Luxury Hotels in turkey at a very lesser cost comparatively.

Short Intro: Shopping for Luxury Products has gone crazy with the Currency Breakdown in Turkey. Turkey Lira is at the Record Low and tourists can find everything they want, but at around 40% lesser price.


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