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Island Hopping in Gorgeous Greece


Greece has been ranked number two on a list of must-see countries in 2018. We tell you where to go

According to the Kuoni luxury holiday network’s ‘Worldwide Trends Report 2018’, Greece is in the top 20 line-up for most preferred travel destinations. It has jumped eight spots to number 17 in the global ranking after last year’s rank of 25. The data that was collected based on the number of bookings received by Kuoni for trips in 2018 says that the country continues to occupy the second spot for top destinations this year, behind Italy. In 2016, the country of 11 million residents received 30 million tourists. What makes the Hellenic Republic so enticing for travellers? These seven idyllic destinations will offer you a clue:


An island in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is known for its summer party atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to have fun in the sun as the world’s top DJs flock here every year to organise buzzing beach parties. But if you don’t enjoy the nightlife, there are other things you can do. The main village on the island, called Chora is pristine white and packed with quaint cafes and shops. For fans of architecture, a visit to the Panagia Paraportiani church is a must. The city encourages travellers to explore on foot by closing traffic during the day.

Agios Nikolaos, Crete 

It is a picturesque coastal town in located on Greece’s largest island, Crete overlooking the Mirabello Bay. In the day, you can lounge around the many beaches—there’s Ammos, a sandy beach by the marina, Kitroplatia, a pebble beach in the town centre and the Ammoudi and Havania beaches that attract maximum tourists. Don’t forget to visit the Cretan Olive Oil Farm in the northern part of town. For a few euros, you will get a guided tour of the place, along with a chance to go olive picking and tasting some fresh olive oil. 


It is Greece’s second largest city located near the Thermaïkos Gulf. The modern metropolis combines history with its contemporary character—making the place a cultural melting pot of sorts. Wandering through the city, you will come across many Byzantine monuments located near the shoreline. You can marvel at the iconic White Tower in the heart of the city, visit contemporary art museums and galleries and take a stroll through the Old Town. There’s also a buzzing nightlife, if you want to party. 

Oia, Santorini 

Pronounced Ia, it is built on rugged volcanic clifftops, giving a breathtaking scene of the clear waters below and a killer view of the sunset in the horizon. In a local tradition, tourists and locals alike go climbing to the famous ruins of the Oia Castle, located at the top of the village, for the best view of the sunset every evening. One of its many cultural attractions includes the Maritime Museum that houses the remains of a Venetian fortress. The scenic town is home to many artists who have chosen to settle there. That’s why you will also see a lot of art galleries!

Lindos, Rhodes  

If you are a history buff, Lindos has a lot for you. Apart from a number of ancient monuments, the clifftop acropolis, located at the top of the city is one of town’s most famous archaeological sites. The Temple of Athena dating back to the 4th century should also be on your must-visit list. It is located outside town and is accessible with a 10-minute walk or a donkey ride from the village. The Tharri Byzantine Monastery, the 15th century Church of Virgin Mary and the Ancient Theatre are worth a visit too.

Parikia, Paros

The Island of Paros is located very close to Mykonos so it’s easy to squeeze into your itinerary. It’s a heaven for Instagram fans—whether you are walking along the coastline of the dreamy Kolympḗthres beach or wandering around the capital’s stunning blue and white Greek architecture homes, you will be taking plenty of stops to click away.


It is one of the greenest islands in Greece and is relatively less populated with tourists. Its fertile landscape is enriched with fruit bearing olive and tomato trees. You will also find abundant fields of excellent quality potatoes, fruits and other seasonal produce. Apart from foodies, the place is equally popular among adventure seekers too. Dozens of outdoor activities like horseback riding, windsurfing, jet skiing, kayaking and sea diving will fill up your itinerary. Hiking trails to the many olive groves and vineyards should also be on your to-do list — that is if you get time from strolling around the town’s ancient ruins and long beaches.

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