Offer Alert: Great discounts on Luxury Cars

An Audi A6 In Steel Grey Color
Bored of your old Audi or BMW? Buy a new super sedan via these deals

A luxury, stylish ride commands a lot of respect but it doesn’t necessarily demand as much cash as you’d imagine. We’ve put out a list that will help you pick up a new luxury car without a so-called financial drain. Remember though, most of these deals are at a dealer level and depend on how much idle inventory the dealer has lying around. Also, some of the deals here are on slightly older models, especially those replaced by a recently-launched newer model. That said, we still think they are great value. Here’s our list:


Audi A3:  Upto 7 lakh of on the sticker price 

Audi’s compact luxury sedan, the A3 is priced at a relatively affordable Rs 32 lakh. However, the carmaker is offering up to a Rs 7 lakh discount on the car, making it an incredible offer. This means, you can get four rings on your steering wheel at the price of a top-end Skoda!

Audi A6: Up to 10 lakhs off the sticker price 

The current generation Audi A6 is nearing the end of its lifecycle. The carmaker is offering up to a hefty 10 lakh discount on the sedan to help clear some stocks before the new A6 arrives in early 2019. The sedan generally sells at a sticker price of around 55 lakh, making this a tempting deal.  

A Luxury Car, Bmw 7 On The Road, Ina Deep Brown Shiny Color


BMW X5 xDrive30d M Sport:  Up to Rs 9 lakh off the sticker price 

The BMW X5 is one of the sportiest luxury SUVs money can buy. The M Sport trim adds the show to the go with racing inspired alloy wheels and bumper bits. In a bid to clear 2017 cars, you can get a whopping 9 lakh off on your 2017 X5 M Sport. That’s almost 20 percent off the sticker price! 

BMW 7 Series:  Up to a whopping 12 lakh off the sticker price 

The 7 Series is one of the most respected, full-sized luxury sedans in the world. It squarely rivals the Mercedes-Benz S-class. The carmaker is offering an unadvertised discount of up to Rs 12 lakh on the 740Li in the Pure Design Excellence version. BMW is currently offering the 740Li Pure Design Excellence petrol with discounts of Rs 12.5 lakh on the sticker price of approximately Rs 1.3 crore. This variant gets a powerful 3.0-litresix-cylinder motor that generates 326hp.

BMW 3 Series:  Over 20 percent off on the sticker price! 

As far as value is concerned, this deal is hard to beat. BMW is offering up to 8 lakhs off for their smaller luxury sedan, the 3 series. The deal is offered on the 320d Prestige version, which is normally priced at approximately 38 lakh. However, these discounts are available at dealers who have an inventory of 2017 cars. That said, most dealers will also offer a smaller discount on the latest 3 series cars. So, make sure you negotiate well!

A Black Mercedes Benz Model, A Luxury Car


Mercedes GLE SUV: Up to 3 lakh off the sticker price 

Initially known as the Mercedes-Benz ML-Class, the GLE is one of the most recognisable luxury SUVs in the country. The SUV is popular because of its luxurious cabin, fantastic ride quality and decent levels of equipment. Depending on availability, dealers are offering up to Rs 3 lakh off on the SUV and a bit more for an outright purchase.

Mercedes S-Class 

Nothing quite says luxury sedan like a Mercedes S-class. The carmaker recently launched the face-lifted 2018 S-class. For those of you who live without the slight addition in equipment and styling tweaks, the pre-facelift 2017 can be had at a good 12 lakh off. However, the deal is available only with dealers who have older cars in the inventory.




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