Mercedes-Benz C 300 – BEAUTY IN MOTION

Mercedes-Benz C 300, a Luxury car, New launch 2108, Mercedes face-lift C 300 model

Mercedes-Benz C 300 2018, A perfect choice 

In the world of cars, Mercedes Benz is a name synonymous with sleek perfection. The Mercedes Benz C 300 is an embodiment of that, and even more. With an expected launch date of October 2018 in New Delhi, India, the new Mercedes Benz C–ClassC300 sedan promises a lot more to car lovers.

Mercedes Benz’ new C–Classmodel of cars gave us the C–Class Coupe and the C–Class sedan. The Mercedes-BenzC–Class sedan, or C 300, is a high-functioning machine encased in shining chrome and elegance. The C 300 incorporates style with cutting-edge technology, making this machine rate high on performance and providing the driver with an experience that is almost out of this world. Now, you may think the car just handles well and looks good, but that isn’t all of it. The C 300 incorporates innovative technology, elegance, and high fuel efficiency with stylish comfort. Not only is the C 300 tech-savvy and fast, but it is so comfortable you could live in it.

If you’re looking to buy a sedan with a budget of INR2,900,000 to INR3,900,000, then the Mercedes BenzC–Classline of cars is your best bet compared to the BMW 3 Series (Mercedes Benz’s main competition). You’ll pay a lot more for additional amenities for the BMW, but the BMW’s 3 Series engine is not as powerful as the Mercedes Benz C–Class. The only factor that the 3 series has over the C–Class is the reliability rating where the C–Class has a low score. To compare cars, the C-Class may be less expensive than an Aston Martin, an Alfa Romeo, and a Land Rover, but as far as luxury cars go, the C-Class is a good bet.

The various models of the Mercedes Benz C–Classesare C-Class Cabriolet, C-Class wagon, C300, C350e, AMG C43, C63 AMG, the Mercedes AMG GT and AMG C63 S. The Mercedes Benz sites give you a host of luxury cars and models, and you can select any model you want. You can also browse owner resources, apply for credit, check a car loan, look at the on-road price, and compare the sports package with the premium package. Shopping tools online make it easier for you to know the car valuation and you may want to check the Mercedes Benzfinancialplan to find a car that best suits your lifestyle. The cars come black and polar white and a range of metallic colours including obsidian black, Dakota Brown, iridium silver, lunar blue, brilliant blue, Selenite grey, diamond silver, designo cardinal red and design diamond white.

To discover Mercedes Benz cars, you can check out the Mercedes Benz vans, Mercedes Benz E-Class, Mercedes Benz S-Class among others. At a car dealership, you can take any of these cars for a test drive before deciding on which one you want to buy. If you want to sell your car, you can get it certified pre-owned by the manufacturers and sell it for a good price.

Mercedes-Benz C 300, a Luxury car, a Grey colour new model of Mercedes Benz C 300

Excellent Performance

The engine of the Mercedes Benz C 300 brings together a lot of technological advances to deliver tremendous power from minimal fuel. Its fast, high-pressure and multi-spark ignition -Direct Injection-can tune themselves in seconds. With its 16 valves and new three-phase cooling system, the C 300 moves from zero to sixty in 6 seconds, giving you that rush that you never knew you needed.

The C 300 is all about high efficiency with minimal fuel consumption. Its ECO start/stop technology switches off the engine automatically at stoplights and in other situations where the car is idle, conserving fuel and reducing emissions.

The transmission type is the new 9-speed automatic gear system, which seamlessly delivers power with robust transmissions, enhancing silent riding and sticking to its fuel efficiency motto.  The C-Class is a gasoline car, which means it is not a plug-in hybrid. Its fuel economy is very efficient, making this car a highly fuel-efficient machine. All gear changes can be controlled with your hands from the steering wheel, and there is a multimode drive program on the console that changes the character of the car by just the flip of a switch. Innovative modifications introduce four modes – Comfort, Sport, Sport+, ECO – which enhances the responses of the steering effort, shift points, and the throttle. The C-Class is one cool 4matic sedan.

The new Brake technology brings more control and accuracy, which is focused on the rear wheel. The C 300’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) can detect understeer when the car is going through corners. The ESP applies the brakes to the rear inner wheel, momentarily distributing the torque in favour of the rear outside wheel. The effect is a soft turn at corners and bends, making driving a smooth and easy experience.

Trendy Design

Interior of new Mercedes-Benz C 300, a Luxury car, with the open sunroof and ruby coloured stylish seat cover.

Germany, the home of Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen, is also known for the love for brewing beer and baking bread. The attention the Germans pay to the fine details of beer brewing is akin to the attention they devoted to the design of the Mercedes Benz C 300. The Mercedes Benz C 300 sedans have body styles that are of a smooth and sleek sport-like design that immediately catches the eye. The cabin is stylishly functional, with a tinted sunroof glass, 5-spoke, 17-inch alloy wheels with up to five optional spoke designs and a multi-functional steering wheel that is set in a console made of a completely natural brown-grain, ash wood trim in a high finish.

Newly designed tyres of Mercedes with Mercedes logo on the rim

The headlights are bright white LED lights which run during the daytime, and the fog lamps are just as bright and located directly under the headlights. It is also equipped with cup holders for that morning rush cup of coffee you may be drinking on your way to work.

Safety First

The Mercedes Benz C 300 Sedan is optimized for your safety. Its collision prevention technology is radar-based, which enables the car to give an audio and visual cue if you’re approaching non-moving objects or an oncoming vehicle that puts you on a collision course. A slow response time on your part allows the system to kick into action: it initiates an automatic braking mechanism from speeds of 65 mph and below forcing the car to slow down to come to a complete halt. The car also has an Attention Assist mechanism that constantly monitors driving behaviour up to 70 parameters, and alerts you automatically through a dashboard display with audio and visual warnings if you show signs of drowsiness. With the C 300, your life takes priority.

The car is equipped with a rearview camera that provides a 180-degree view of objects behind the vehicle when the Reverse Gear is engaged. Also installed is the Emergency Tensioning Devices (ETDs) on the seat belts. If collision passes a certain threshold, the ETDs automatically removes slack from the belts, reducing the seat belt forces on the people in the vehicle. Airbags include the dual front airbags, together with thorax and pelvic bags for the driver and the front passenger; a knee airbag, and side impact bags. In case of a collision, you and those with you are as safe as you can possibly be.

The C 300 has an Advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System that swiftly detects huge losses of air pressure in the tires, and displays a warning to you in the multifunction display on the console.

The Smart Key (keyless start) remote combines a door lock, trunk opener, remote panic alarm and removable vale key function. You can also selectively do any of these things. The car also has an anti-theft alarm system that is engaged when locked from the outside. The horn is sounded and the exterior lights flash if the trunk, hood or any of the doors is opened without unlocking the vehicle first. The panic button also sounds the alarm when the car is within range. So not only are you safe while in the C 300, you don’t have to worry about the car’s safety either.

Conveniently Comfortable

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan is all about your comfort and convenience. Seat shaped, intuitive controls can find your most comfortable driving position. The memory system can recall three positions that have been stored for you to enhance your sitting position and comfort.

Interior of the new model of Mercedes Benz C 300, peach coloured seat with accessories, New design of Mercedes

The C 300’s Mobile App has a Remote Start feature where, with a tap of a button, you can start the car and pre-condition the interior for up to 10 minutes before you actually get to the car. With another touch of the button when you get into the car, you can fold the side mirrors, making tight corner parking very convenient. The mobile app also lets you remotely send commands to your navigation system via laptop or phone.

Audio and Entertainment

The Germans don’t just love to brew beer: they love to enjoy their beer as well. The Mercedes –BenzC 300 is meant to be enjoyed as well. What use is a comfortable car if there is no entertainment? As such, this car is fitted with two in-dash screens with high definition resolution, automatically adjustable to suit the lighting conditions in the car. The dashboard sports a 7-inch screen that is multi-functional: you can watch a movie, or take advantage of its optional navigational features, which lets you use a navigation system while you drive.

Interior of the new model of Mercedes Benz c300, grey coloured interiors, All control units & speedometer and GPS

Also included in the car are intuitive central controls, two USB ports, Bluetooth streaming (audio), high definition radio receiver, and a Bluetooth interface that is totally hands-free; You can make calls, receive calls, and even access to your phonebook, all without taking your hands off the wheel. There is also an SD card reader and a front bass system, created to take advantage of the frame of the car and use it as resonance chambers to improve the sound. You can find additional features of this awesome luxury car in the operator’s manual.

The C 300 makes you look forward to future vehicles and upcoming cars of the C 300 model in 2019. The Mercedes-Benz C Class sedan, or C 300, is all you could want in a luxury car: it is fast, it is high-tech, it is eco-friendly, very efficient, and meant to give you a great driving experience.




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