Begin your own tradition with Luxury Watches made by Patek Philippe

Watches made by Patek Philippe

Let your wrists embrace the true Luxury with the very unique, traditional yet modern timepieces created by world’s top Luxury Watch Making Brand “The Patek Philippe”.

Patek Philippe, “The Architects of Time” is a renowned name of the watch-making industry because of its superior mechanical expertise, having created some of the most complex and detailed manual watches ever. It is widely regarded as the most prestigious luxury watchmaker in the industry. There is no other name that represents haute watch-making like Patek Philippe. The manufacturers at Patek integrate “Luxury”, “Heritage” and “Unique Craftsmanship” in some of the World's most Exquisite Luxury Watches. Whether it is about the super complications or the miniature work of art, Patek Philippe’s quest for brilliance knows no limits. Their watches are here to provide its owners with a Status Symbol as well as a Good Investment.

Patek has begun in 1839 in Geneva as a pocket watch company and it created the first wristwatch itself in 1868. In addition, they are the pioneers of the chronograph, the minute repeater, the perpetual calendar, and the split-seconds hand into the wristwatch. The Patek Philippe Company has a long and ever blooming history of watch innovation and since their inception in 1839, they are maintaining the tradition of Watch-making. Having exceptional know-how, Patek Philippe preserves a heritage of innovation hailed by a splendid collection of more than 80 patents, few of them to name are: “Calatrava”, “Nautilus”, “Aquanaut”, “Gondolo”, “Golden Ellipse”, and the “ladies Twenty-4”.

Watches made by Patek Philippe

Royal Clients of Patek Philippe include:

  • Prince Albert
  • Christian IX
  • Hussein Kamel of Egypt
  • Princess Louise of Denmark
  • Queen Victoria
  • Victor Emmanuel III of Italy.


Why consider buying a Luxury Watch from Patek Philippe:

Although there are some other well known Swiss watch manufacturers with distinguished extraction and elegant watches, Patek Philippe has established itself in the minds of watch lovers as the best brand of them all. Let us enlist some reasons why to choose only Patek Philippe’ Luxurious Watches.

  1. They are inventors of many important and intricate things such as the perpetual calendar and split-seconds chronograph
  2. The brand is the very first choice of famous actors, politicians, athletes and royal people.
  3. Their watches provide a great source of investment, for instance, the Calatrava Dress Watch and Nautilus Sports Watch.
  4. Luxury Watch’ Primary Case Materials are made up with Gold and platinum
  5. They are incorporated with modern in-house excellence for high perfection.


What makes Patek Philippe Watches so valuable:

Patek Philippe are not like other watch manufacturers as they are not that flashy & vibrant and they have no need to be, because Patek Philippe’s understated elegance manifests their confidence. Patek’s watch owners know that they have the very best in craftsmanship, heritage and design on their wrists and once you’ve owned a Patek Philippe, you will owe nothing else next time.

Watches made by Patek Philippe


  • The Uniqueness: Since 1839, less than 1 million Patek Philippe watches have been made and that is even fewer than some of the high-end Swiss manufacturers produce in a year. The reason is the uniqueness of the designs Patek production provide as their watches are so detailed that it takes nine months to make their most basic watches, and sometimes takes more than two years to produce some of the more intricate timepieces. In the meantime, the demand for Patek Luxury Watches is growing around the world. Some Patek Philippe watches are so famous and favorite among buyers that they need to submit an application process to evince that they are sufficiently high-worth people.
  • The Quality: The most precious resource Patek Philippe is composed of is the Quality they provide in every aspect of theirs. In 2008, the company imposed rigid standards to exceed normal industry standards with the introduction of the Patek Philippe Seal. But the commitment to give the best quality does not just apply to the watches only but the entire company is designed to support it. Patek Philippe sets the highest standards on employee training, from the watchmaker to the salesperson that also includes customer support for sales & services.
  • The Prowess: Patek Philippe encompassing 178 years of mastery in every aspect of fine Watch-making i.e. “the hand-winding two-hand watch” “the standard complications” of some functions like an annual calendar or second-time-zone, “sophisticated masterpieces” with minute repeaters and split-seconds chronographs. Modern and high-tech machinery go hand on hand with their masterful artisan craftsmanship at the same time.
  • The Designs: The real beauty of a Patek’s watch lies in its live designs. Because every individual part of the watch is hand-finished with such a superfluous detail that only a watchmaker can appreciate it in the true sense. And then also the admirer may be struck by the beauty in the design. The things that distinguish a Patek Philippe i.e. the faceted batons, the hand-polished hands and the little tells are unnoticed even by the person wearing the watch, but all they add up it by saying it is something that looks perfect and feels comfortable on the wrist.
  • The Investment Value: The collectors of the Patek Philippe know that they most probably will not lose any money if they want to sell the watch at a later date, as it’s totally possible that the value of the watch will increase in the coming years. And it does not happen in individual cases but it’s a reassuring fact. Even when most people purchase a watch simply for their own pleasure and standards and don’t have immediate plans to resell, but still they owe a good investment value.



Watches made by Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe resale value amazes all other makers, whether it is vintage or modern for instance if someone has bought a Calatrava for $300 in the 1950s then they can command more than $20,000. There are perpetual chronographs named as the 2499/100 fourth series that cost less than $20,000 in the 1980s but have the worth of $400,000 today. And an original Nautilus from the 1970s, retailed for less than $3,000, now trading for more than $50,000.

  • The Decoration: The perfection in the hand-applied decoration in the manufacturing process both in technique and style is high. The creators of watch need to take about 40 to 60 steps even for the making of unnoticeable parts like wheels. The craftsman processes such as setting of stones, enamel painting, delicate engraving and patterns all play a remarkable role in the decoration.
  • The Catalogue: Patek Philippe has a great catalogue and archives even their watches’ extract can be found at the Patek Philippe archives. That means you can source the date of production and original date of sale for every Patek Philippe made since 1839. Isn’t it great? Patek doesn’t include the names of previous owners on its catalogue, but most members of every royal family and celebrities are in these archives.

The Tradition with future vision: The level of expertise that Patek Philippe posses cannot be achieved in one night, but it needs the continuous efforts of decades. Patek Philippe is a 178 years old brand and that has produced watches continuously during this time. They encompass a tremendous amount of experience that they have passed on from one generation of watchmaker to the next. But being traditional doesn’t mean that they are bound to past as the company maintains the heritage of watchmaking at the same time investing huge amount in the use of new technologies and methods.

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