Bugatti – A Car Like No Other!

The front view of a navy blue Bugatti Chiron that gives it a stylish look and edgy exterior.

Combining modern motor car technology with automobile aesthetics, Buggati continues to raise the bar

The market for gorgeously-crafted supercars is hardly undersubscribed, but for the last few years a Bugatti car has steadily become the house favourite. And with a Bugatti price soaring well above the seven digits, to buy Bugatti can be equated with the elite and the discerning.Founded over a hundred years ago in 1909 in the quaint French province of Molsheim by Ettore Bugatti, the brand has developed a reputation for building some of the most exclusive and fast cars ever made during its storied history, despite changing hands, over the years.The story of the brand is seeped in excellence and tradition. Italian-born Ettore Bugatti had a natural flair for all things automotive. He eventually worked for several manufacturers before founding his own car-manufacturing company Automobiles E.Bugatti, determined to build nothing but the most avant-garde vehicles of the time, crafting exquisitely technically superior automobiles destined to win racing trophies.

The Bugatti badge, an oval-shaped emblem in red, white and black with sixty red dots on a white border, was designed by Ettorio’s father, Carlo Bugatti, an influential Milanese designer and artist. The Bugatti badge represented passion and power, splendour and excellence, with ‘Bugatti’ in bold letters and stylised Ettore Bugatti initials on a red background. This logo has not changed throughout the long history of the brand and still represents the most luxurious and technically-accomplished automobile manufacturer.

A bright red new Bugatti being assembled together, as it gets ready to hit the market at the Bugatti atelier at Molsheim, North France.

While you can buy Bugatti in India, you can have the true Bugatti experience only at the Château St. Jean, home to the Bugatti family since Carlo built the grand house in 1856, and is the atelier where Ettore Bugatti built the fastest cars on the planet. So, if you have ever wondered, where can you buy a Bugatti, a visit to the Atelier, where the Bugatti team assembles their Über-Maschine on premises, just like they did a century ago, is an absolute must.The Château St. Jean is a gigantic stone mansion with all the gravitas of an ancient French manor with a wrought iron fence, shingled in bright green ivy with a conspicuous statue of John the Baptist; this is the workshop of uncompromising excellence, where you purchase your new Bugatti car of the latest model. A short walk through the bucolic gardens lead to a horseshoe-shaped, aluminum-walled building, facelifted for some modernity, looking less like a manufacturing plant and more like a tech start-up's ideation lounge. It is cavernous with gleaming white floors and a room lined with floor-to-ceiling windows allows sunlight to pour in.

Amidst the many notable models from Bugatti, the Bugatti Veyron remains the most revered. The Bugatti Veyron model is a mid-engined sports car, designed and developed in Germany by the Volkswagen Group and manufactured in Molsheim, France, by Bugatti, named after the racing driver Pierre Veyron.While Bugatti in India is available, the price of the car is such that it can set you back by slightly over Rs 12 crore for the entry models. With top speeds of 431 kph, 1,001 horsepower and the ability to move from 0-60 in a scarcely believable 2.5 seconds, the one-time world’s fastest car is understandably an object of desire. With the medal pushed to the floor, this powerhouse will burn through a full tank of gas in roughly 12 minutes and rumors abound of the hundreds of thousands of dollars of maintenance costs annually. Based on the variable aerodynamics technology, an interactive feature that allows you to experience the three handling modes of the Bugatti Veyron, based on the Grand Sport Vitesse, this is the fastest production roadster ever, also guaranteeing optimal handling at all times due to the perfect harmony between lift and downforce at all speeds.

A matte-finish Bugatti Veyron in black and orange hues that make the car resemble Batman's super sexy mobile

A Bugatti Veyron is not just expensive, it is exclusive. You buy Bugatti Veyron to get the name enlisted amongst an elite group of prospective owners around the world, who have waited upwards of a year to get their hands on this most prized supercar. This shouldn’t be surprising considering the 2018 price of a Bugatti is upwards of 12 Crores for the entry model, with the Bugatti Veyron Sports car’s Super Sport Gold and Diamond versions come in at an eye-watering Rs 20 crore plus figure. Bugatti has other iconic models in its stable, including the latest model – Chiron and others that are slightly more affordable than their enigmatic brand leader but the Veyron remains unavoidably in vogue!

Bugatti’s latest car model – Chiron, is an exquisite automobile, a highly-anticipated follow-up to the world-beating Veyron, with its many leather-wrapped flourishes, precise stitching and carbon fibre baubles, all designed with the same precision and deliberation. The Bugatti Veyron’s hotly anticipated successor, Chiron is also a testament to apex engineering, the sort of vehicle without peer in the automotive world, with a naked W-16 that attracts attentions like burlesque. With surprisingly minimal and graceful interiors, the sumptuousness and meticulous execution of the cabin is staggering, with each touch point made of the highest quality, every aluminum knob machine-knurled and every steering wheel milled from a single block of metal.

A shiny new Bugatti Chiron with such a cool and unique sports car design and red seats.

Like each of the Bugatti staples, and after all the brand-building and pageantry, the drive and handling qualities simply take your breath away, with this fanciful terrestrial vehicle clocking nearly 300 mph. These Bugatti vehicles are so enigmatic that they go about everyday business with a competence that simply belies just how much engineering has been thrown at it to be able to travel at such remarkable speeds. These are cars with a distinct personality that do things no other car can!


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