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The world’s seven most expensive superyachts

most expensive superyachts

Ever dreamt of spending holidays submerged under water watching whales as you dine? Or taking your own mini-sub for a spin to discover the deep end of the ocean? Our line-up of the fanciest sea-machines will never give you any sea-sickness…

The Migaloo 

The Migaloo superyachts will literally take luxury to a whole new level—below the sea. They are set to be the world’s first superyachts that can turn into submarines! Although still at a design concept stage, developer Motion Code: Blue that specialises in luxury yachts, says there was a demand from their super rich clientele to own a luxury yacht like no other hence, the Migaloo. Named after the albino white whale, the yachts will go underwater up to 283 metres where travelling among a school of whales is actually a possibility. They can stay submerged for weeks to avoid wild storms and choppy waters. 

The vessel range starts from 236 feet for the M2 and the longest M7 measures a massive 928 feet—the size of three Statues of Liberty. There are helipads, movie rooms, plenty of swimming pools and bars on board to keep you entertained. Eight VIP suites and six hangars to store cars, small boats, mini-subs and water sports equipment will truly put the Migaloos in a class of their own! 
Price tag$3 billion

History Supreme 

The 100-foot vessel is said to be owned by a Malaysian businessman who paid a whopping $4.5 billion for it. The yacht took over three years to complete and has been built using 100,000 kg solid gold and platinum that cover the vessel, including its base. The dining rooms, decks, rails and staircases and even the anchors are coated in a thin layer of precious metals. There are diamonds encrusted in the decor, the master bedroom is made from a meteorite rock and a T-Rex statue thrown in for good measure!  
Price tag: $4.5 billion

The Eclipse, A Luxury Superyacht

Measuring 536 feet, this floating extravagance is owned by Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich. The Eclipse has two helicopter pads, a disco hall, 24 guest cabins and two swimming pools—not to mention, a mini-submarine that can go under water up to 164 feet. And if you were worried about safety (who wouldn’t?), the Eclipse comes fitted with an intruder detection system and a missile defence. The bridge and the master bedroom have bullet-proof windows and armour plating. To maintain privacy, there is a laser that sweeps the surrounding areas to keep nosy paparazzi at bay.  
Price tag: $1.5 billion

Streets Of Monaco, A Luxury Superyacht
Streets of Monaco 

The Streets of Monaco is a floating replica of the city. The 500-foot vessel features scaled down imitations of famous spots in Monte Carlo, Capital of Monaco. There are replicas of the famous Loews Hotel, Hotel de Paris and La Rascasse that boast equally stunning living quarters as you would find in the original. The atrium features a grand centrepiece along with seven guest suites, tennis courts, swimming pools, and a huge apartment complex. This $1.1 billion wonder is yet to find an owner.  
Price tag: $1.1 billion

Azzam, A Luxury Superyacht

This beauty is owned by the Emir of Abu Dhabi and President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan for a whopping $650 million. Measuring 590 feet, this superyacht can reach an incredible speed of 56 kmph with the help of two diesel engines and two gas turbines. The yacht is available for charter at an undisclosed sum. It also includes a mini-submarine too! 
Price tag: $650 million


Another super luxury yacht belonging to one of the royal families of the United Arab Emirates — the Dubai is owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Emir of Dubai and the Prime Minister of UAE. It is a paradise for sunbathers, as there are plenty of jacuzzis and swimming pools. The most striking thing about the interior is a circular staircase with glass steps that change colour depending on how the light falls on them. Artistic hand-painted mosaics cover this 531 feet long vessel all over.  
Price tag: $350 million

Motor Yacht A, A Luxury Superyacht
Motor Yacht A 

The 400 feet long Motor Yacht A is designed in the shape of a warship and has exclusive furniture pieces made of French crystal along with mirrored walls. Guests can relax in the six, spacious 2,500-sq.ft suites. There is a disco and three swimming pools, along with a 30-foot speed boat in the hull.  
Price tag: $323 million


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