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Zoya – The Exquisite Diamond Boutique in Mumbai & Delhi

Diamond Boutique in Mumbai & Delhi

Diamonds are loved by all the women in the world, as we come across a saying “Diamond is a woman’s best friend”. Diamonds have a very specific tint which makes a women sparkle with Beauty, Shine with Pride and to captivate all the Charm. This is one of the reasons why women love the stone so much after all it makes her look impeccable and adds a Luxury to her look. And a man should also know that it is one of the best things he can turn to if he wants to impress her woman.

Zoya, from the House of Tata, is a chain of Luxury Diamond Boutiques. Zoya is operating for last eight years and owns three stores in India. It is working with a steady commitment to present the finest in Luxury Jewelry to the sophisticated woman. Zoya is one of the three Jewelry divisions under the name Titan Company Limited. It is crafted for the women who seek for the designs with an international sensibility.

Things that make it Worth Buying from Zoya:

  1. Craftsmanship:
ZOYA - Diamond Boutique in Mumbai & Delhi

Zoya is a name renowned for its flawless craftsmanship and unique distinguished designs. They are taking inspiration from the abundant world and every single piece from Zoya’s beautifully crafted Luxury Diamond Jewellery brings some glorious & majestic designs into the life that is made up with the purest of gold, finest and precious diamonds. Their world-class craftsmanship ensures making every piece a work of fine art.

Each collection takes a scrupulous 9 months of craftsmanship from the inception of a concept to delivery, as their designs are inspiration driven and to bring that design into life is such a rigorous process. “The pieces may look simple and wearable, but the interlocking and the setting of the stones is super-sophisticated that a necklace would just sit perfectly on your neck and take the shape of your collarbone,” Says their Business Head Amanpreet Ahluwalia.

  1. Unique Designs:
ZOYA - Diamond Boutique in Mumbai & Delhi

Zoya takes a pride of owning some unique and fresh designs, as the designers at Zoya come out with very unique 3 or 4 collections in a year but each one of them tells a different story. They don’t make multiple pieces of the same design as their customers are of the premier segment and they like to have something that is crafted just for them. They offer a collectible and cherished piece of jewelry to their clients.

And what’s making the designs so unique is making a new setting and design for diamonds, Zoya the best Jewellery Boutique in India has modern and iconic design sensibility which they interpret to make it traditional as well as fashionable at the same time. Every piece at Zoya shows an exquisite & beautiful Indian craftsmanship along with a great story.

  1. Designing Philosophy:
ZOYA - Diamond Boutique in Mumbai & Delhi

Zoya, one of the best Jewellery stores in Mumbai has a philosophy of work like: “Jewelry is a very personal thing, it should tell a story about the person who is wearing it”, so they cater women in the world with the jewelry which is “Crafted to Inspire”. At Zoya, you are welcomed to the marvelous world of innovation. They design their jewelry in such a delicate way that you have no need to keep them in lockers anymore but these are so wearable that you can wear them up in multiple occasions instead of showing the light of the day at some weddings only.

Zoya, has come up with an intention of offering their customers the experience of “Designer Jewellery” and to expose them to an Unmatched Luxury. They use modernity in their designs that are created for the kind of people who don’t buy jewelry only for occasions or as a source of investment but these pieces are for the people who value and appreciate the true art. That makes their jewelry pieces versatile and so wearable on various occasions.

  1. Collection:
Diamond Boutique in Mumbai & Delhi

Zoya owns 3 stores in India, one in Delhi and other two in Mumbai. Exquisite Diamond Boutique in Delhi, as well as Exquisite Diamond Boutique in Mumbai, are here to invite you with some alluring collection of designer earrings, bangles, pendants, rings, necklaces, polki diamond jewelry and more. Zoya, Luxurious Boutique is not just a jewelry store but it’s a gallery of fine art, where the action comes alive in pretty designs of gold, diamonds and other precious stones. Some of the Unique designed collections are as follows:

  • A collection Called “Banaras” is incited by Banaras. In which they have crafted the spirit of the glorious city into luxurious tales with diamonds and gold.
  • Their “Celestium” collection which is incited by stars, moon and the other constellations.
  • The fascinating collection with the name “Egypt” shows the life of the Egyptian culture and stimulated from Gods.
  • The splendid “Jewels of the Crown” designs take you back in time and incited from centuries of royal decadence.
  • “The Greece Collection”, have designs which are inspired by the legends of time and show the beauty of the magical world of Greece.
  • The Dance of the white peacock”, the collection is inspired by the dance of the white peacock, that captures elegance and uniqueness in each and every piece.
  • Designs under “Lace” are inspired by different kinds of delicate lace and embroidery work.
  • The beautiful designs named as “Krsna” consist of a range of the popular legends that surround Lord Krishna.
  • The collection under the name “Musee Du Luxe” offers the beauty of Paris in its designs.
  • “Whispers from the Valley” designs that capture the seasons of Kashmir in gorgeously crafted jewelry.
  • Each piece from the “Awadh” named collection is made up with the incitement of awadh reminiscent of its glory.
luxurious diamond jewelry store in Mumbai

Contact Info:

Delhi Store:

South Ex-1 
New Delhi-110049
Drop a mail to: gauravkumar@titan.co.in 
Say Hello at: 011-40450149 / +91 7290012690

Mumbai Stores:

1. Khar – Link Road
369 Linking Road, Dev Niburu, 
Near CITI Bank, Khar Link Road, Khar West
Drop a mail to: himanshup@titan.co.in
Say Hello at: 022- 26488577+919930252944

2. PalladiumFirst Floor, F-22,
Palladium, Lower Parel, Mumbai,
Maharashtra -400013
Drop a mail to: Punitk@titan.co.in
Say Hello at: 022 6237 0960

For Exploring more visit here: http://www.zoya.in

Wrapping Up:

We are here wrapping up with a saying that “A diamond is forever, and it’s best buying from Zoya”. It is a perfect place if you are looking for a high-end, premium, luxurious diamond jewelry store in Mumbai. The stores showcase all the luxury in its most absolute form. Along with the traditional and fusion jewelry of diamonds, gold, polka, and Kundan, it provides an unmatched buying experience.

As the retail stores in Delhi and Mumbai has been divided into various floors, where you can have a personalized consultation and shopping experience. They make it complete with their in-house hospitality. Their staff is very much dedicated and with the attitude of ready to serve. They help you in selecting a perfect piece according to the occasion and also make you feel homely in the Jewellery Boutique. Go and get the Understated Elegance at Zoya.


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