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Shoes that cost as much as an apartment in Delhi…


UAE-based Jada has crafted stilettos encrusted with diamonds, sapphire, gold and platinum

Here’s some stellar news for serious shoe collectors — a spanking pair of stilettos that will make Cinderella’s glass shoes pale in comparison are up for sale. Jada Dubai, a luxury shoe brand, has launched a pair of stilettos with an eye watering price tag of one million Dirham or INR 1.95 crore!  Crafted with diamonds, sapphires, gold, and platinum, only one such pair has been made by the UAE-based designer and covered it with 54 carats Indian diamonds and 416.2 carats of white sapphire. Known as ‘Jada shoes,’ the pair took nearly a year to complete; specialists were flown in from three countries to supervise the production.

Limited Editions
princess diana designer shoe jada dubai diamonds gold platinum ivory

If Rs 1.95 crore is beyond your reach, there are relatively cheaper options on offer too. Jada’s ‘The Imperative of Royalty’ collection features four limited edition models apart from the exclusive masterpiece. Patrons can lay their hands on 10 such limited edition pieces!  What makes each stiletto truly unique is that it is inspired by and named after iconic women of royalty with amazing charm.   

Grace Kelly, The Shoe With Anklet Bands To Provide An Enhanced Look And Add To Its Fashion Quotient

The Princess Diana stilettos are delicately dotted with 10 brilliant-cut white diamonds of 0.03 carat, 2000 citrines, and semi-precious gemstones of 315.6 carats and set in 19K yellow gold and platinum. Embodying classiness, the stiletto is available in ivory at a price of $ 6,960. 

The second offering in the limited edition series are the Cleopatra stilettos made keeping in mind the seductive Egyptian queen. Adorned with snake motifs laid on fine Italian leather, the $5,150 shoes are set with four brilliant-cut white diamonds of 0.03 carat, 28 black diamonds of 0.1 carat, semi-precious gemstones and gold and platinum. Even the insole and outsole are gilded. 

The $5,310 Grace Kelly shoes are an ode to the stunning actresses’ beauty and eternal elegance. The ankle bracelet is fashioned like a crown, befitting the erstwhile Princess of Monaco. It is made of 16 brilliant-cut white diamonds of 0.03 carat, 32 black diamonds of 0.1 carat, semi-precious gemstones set in gold and platinum.  

Josephine, the shoe accessorized with queen josephine's favorite flower, the rose. It has a luxurious look.

The final piece from the collection is the Josephine that’s as vivid as the life of Empress Josephine, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. Josephine’s favourite flower, the rose, has been used as an inspiration to design the ankle. Available in ivory along with a brilliant burst of red and green motifs, the stilettos are covered with eight rubies of 0.5 carat, six emeralds of 0.1 carat, semi-precious gemstones set in gold and platinum; they are priced at $ 4,980.

Coming To India?

Jada has a sizeable chunk of buyers in India though they will only be able to purchase the shoes online as of now. However, the Maison is planning to bring his creations to Mumbai luxury showrooms by the end of the year. It is also working on an exclusive Indian design to appease its ever-growing audience in the subcontinent.  The limited edition pair is inspired by the Mughal Princess Mumtaz Mahal and will be an ode to the legendary love story of Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz. This collection too will be priced around $5,000.

A Touch of Royalty

If you are looking for customisation, avail the company’s VIP service. Through it, you can sit with the designer and make the shoe to your liking. A two-year international warranty along with an authenticity card for the precious metals will ensure your pair matches the highest quality standards.

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