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Suit Yourself In Corneliani’s Spring / Summer 2018 Collection

Corneliani’s Spring / Summer 2018 Collection

Luxurious tailor-made men’s suits from Corneliani have found a pride of place in the wardrobes of many a celebrity around India and the world. From the time, the Italian brand set foot in New Delhi it has created a name for itself in the bespoke fashion circuit because of its made-to-measure clothing that suits the snake-skin Hugo Boss wallets and fancy palates of dapper, metropolitan Indian men.

Since it’s catering to such an up market crowd, Corneliani continues to reinvent itself without letting go of its Italian roots. This time, for its Spring/Summer collection 2018, it has worked around the ideas of fluidity and movement – two themes that blend increasingly well with the furnace-like Indian weather.

The Corneliani ensemble is clearly divided into three parts – Spring Time, Sunny Time and Full Summer, and has been designed as if one voyaging “through city and desert” soaking in colours “borrowed from an impressionist painting” and suit structures that are cool, a bit vintage and yet totally contemporary chic.

Breezy summery hues are well-balanced with warm, lighter shades that have carefully been chosen and centred on their concept of “fluidity and movement,” creating a soothing and balanced mélange of hues. This three-part collection consists of elegant everyday-wear, designer suits that are lightweight and dreamy. We break it down for you a little more:

Spring Time

Manly greys and sophisticated shades of the new “whale” blue are effortlessly complemented with a touch of oil green in bespoke fabrics with a frisé effect and pinstripes. Soft greys and browns – shades that have dominated the closets of men have also creatively been incorporated along with fresh blues, sexy beiges and blacks, and inky hues. Since the idea was to fuse sportswear with a custom-made suit, there’s a great stress on craftsmanship. The functional range has been detailed with hydro zips in fabrics like nylon (extracted from conventional textile) and strong cotton.

Sunny Time

Here, colours break new fashion ground, as bolder hues invent new colour patterns offset, as shades of oil green take centre-stage in this “weightlessness” series where airy garments made with subtle and shadowy nylons boast “strong mat weave textures and structures”.

Full Summer

The sun finally comes out but not in all its glory. It’s still diffused yet lovely to the eye! There’s a dominant use of burnt “terracotta” teamed with pristine white, and “tuareg blue” – the indigo-tint most often used by the semi-nomadic Berber tribe of North Africa, and ochre splashed across soft, natural fabrics,  giving the entire collection an aestival aesthetic!

The Accessories

From micro-perforated lace-up sneakers made with 100% calf skin in sandy tones, suede loafers with brown tassels, a retro Jacquard tie, a general-utility, clay-coloured Boston bag to modish cufflinks – the natty and neat designer suit collection is a perfect match with the accessories that are equally “fluid” and comfortable.

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