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Sabyasachi Wedding Collection- Bride and Groom

Sabyasachi Wedding Collection

An old saying goes like “Marriages are made in heaven” but when it comes to Indian Marriages it’s being like “the bigger the better”. Since it’s your wedding nothing less than perfect is acceptable, and extraordinary weddings don’t just happen but these need to be planned. Searching & finding a perfect designer outfit for your bigger day is the most difficult part of this planning. You will get Luxury Fashion at your fingertips with Sabyasachi Weeding Collection. Sabyasachi Mukherjee is the name that resonates with the bridal wear in India. As becoming a Sabyasachi Bride is the dream of every Indian girl, and it’s being like taking your wedding to the whole new level.

But why should brides grab all the attention, their grooms also need to be get noticed. From years a bride’s ensemble is taking everyone’s eye and that is mainly because grooms haven’t tried it hard enough. Thankfully today’s grooms are realizing the fact that they should complement their Gorgeous Bride and so there is a growing interest in the styles and trends of Groom’s ensemble. For that grooms are turning towards Sabyasachi “The Bridal Favorite”, whose understated taste & Luxurious Designs for men redefined traditional Indian men’s wear.

Sabyasachi has reformed the meaning of Luxurious Weddings, as these are not just about wedding destination, decoration, and delicious food anymore but Luxury Wedding now starts with Sabyasachi. Any Luxurious wedding without Sabyasachi’s “Designer Wedding Lehenga” & “Designer Wedding Sherwani” could not be said so. You can buy a perfect Sabyasachi Outfit online. Here we are enlisting some Sabyasachi’s Designer Wedding Wear in India with their price please have a look at them.

Some Celebrities who opted for Sabyasachi Wedding Outfits:

Please have a look at the following celebrities & celebrity couples who glammed up on their weddings with the wedding outfits designed by Sabyasachi.

Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh as “Sabyasachi bride & Groom”:

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Glamming Up in “Sabyasachi Wedding Couture”:

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Glamming Up in “Sabyasachi Wedding Couture

What makes Sabyasachi Designs Different:

Sabyasachi designs the costumes, which has a fusion of traditional & fusion styles. He works with the design philosophy: “’Personalized imperfection of the human hand”. He himself describes his designs with a saying: “’an International styling with an Indian soul”. He generally uses unusual & different fabrics, unique patch-work, different texturing & detailing and fusion of styles with beautiful embellishments in a vibrant and diverse color palette which make it to feel connected to ‘soul’. His style is traditional and very ‘Indian’ he always makes the most of it. A unique blend of colors and fabrics makes his designs look like from another world.

For instance, can anyone ever think of putting 4 different color palette in four different sections of a sari with different designs & work, but when Sabyasachi comes out with one this kind of product, everyone has to believe that it is possible and in a very beautiful way. In his every design you can simply see the old Indian charm alive. However all other designers in the fashion industry have jumped to adopt the modern designs and techniques, but Sabyasachi’s designs are completely rooted in what India really is.

So, how much does a Sabyasachi lehenga/Sherwani cost?

Sabyasachi’s designer Lehengas cost lies between 1.2 lakhs to 6-7 lakhs. But the lehengas costing 1-3 lakhs are ones having lighter work you can’t simply wear them on your wedding day. These lehengas you can easily find on some online portals like Carma online and Aza. But a bridal lehenga for your wedding day will cost you somewhere between 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs. These lehengas are mainly put in the flagship store of Sabyasachi or you can find them in multi-label stores like Aza and Ensemble. So, basically, any of the Sabya bridal lehengas will not cost you less than 3 lakhs. There are some countries which can cost you up to 25 lakhs. It all depends on the kind of work you have opted for.

Sabyasachi Wedding Collection

Talking about Sabya wedding sherwanis, these sherwanis will cost you between 1 lakh to 5 lakhs. Sherwanis does not have that much heavy work as lehengas, so they also don’t cost very much. Some of Sabya sherwanis could be found on Carma online, Aza or Ensembles.

How much time it takes to get a Sabya wedding outfit:

It generally takes around two and a half month to prepare your wedding outfit from its start to finish. So if you want to opt for a Sabyasachi wedding couture then you have to plan accordingly. The Lehenga & Sherwani will be made according to your frame and size.

Is there an option of customized lehenga/Sherwani?

The answer in most of the cases is “No”, as it is not easy to get a customized lehenga from Sabyasachi. This is the reason you may have seen many brides and grooms wearing the same outfits. Customizing does cost more, but getting the same lehenga in a different color or with heavier/lighter work according to your choice generally does not happen in Sabya’s designs. You can obviously make a request for the customization but Sabya himself approve a customization request so getting it done is very difficult.

Sabyasachi Wedding Collection

How much does it worth buying a Lehenga/Sherwani designed by Sabyasachi:

It’s a Sabyasachi outfit, so it is obviously 100% worthy as we all know the name Sabyasachi is enough to make it worth. Apart from it all the designs Sabyasachi make are connected to Indian roots and give you a feel to be connected to your soul, his sense of using textiles, colors, and work is totally different and that makes his each and every design worth paying the cost it owes.

Sabyasachi Fine & Heritage Jewelry:

Jewelry has always been a very important asset when it comes to complete your look. It adds beauty & grace to a lady and complements the ensemble of a man. It could be the best Luxury Outfit or just an ordinary dress, without jewelry accessory, it becomes dull. The right jewelry is what completes your look. And when it comes to the selection of the jewelry for your wedding, Sabyasachi Calcutta is the answer.

Sabyasachi says “When women wear his clothes, he invariably expect them to pair it with that kind of uniquely designed jewelry”. But, he was not able to find it here anymore. The question in his mind was, where has all the art gone? Perhaps it was this question that pushed him to find the answer and that resulted in Sabyasachi Jewellery Store in Calcutta. Find the Fine and Heritage Jewelry by Sabyasachi, which is beyond precision. Explore Sabyasachi Jewellerynow on their official website: http://sabyasachijewelry.com/.

Sabyasachi Wedding Collection

Contact Details (Jewellery Store):

Get your quote by calling on: 919830593953

Email to:  sabyasachijewelry@sabyasachi.com

Some Sparkling facts of Sabyasachi Mukherjee:

Sabyasachi Mukherjee the most popular name of the Fashion Industry, has been graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, India with three major awards.  He has designed costumes for some iconic Bollywood movies like: “Black”, “Babul”, “Laaga Chunari Mein Daag”, “Raavan”, “Guzarish”, “Paa”,” No one killed Jessica” and “Kahaani”.

He is only Indian designer to be invited to showcase at the Milan Fashion week 2004 facilitated by Indo-Italian Chamber Of Commerce. His creations can be found in countries like U.S.A, Kuwait, UAE, Switzerland, Russia, Greece, Germany, U.K and many more. Some flagship stores owned by Sabyasachi in India are in the following cities:

  • Calcutta
  • New Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad
  • Chennai
  • Bengaluru
  • Ahmedabad

Sabyasachi not only designed costumes for the Bollywood movies but he has taken pride in designing Lehengas & Sherwanis for some of the popular celebrities’ real-life wedding. Few of the names are as follows: “Anushka Sharma”, “Deepika Padukone”, “Bipasha Basu”, “Priyanka Chopra”, “Isha Ambani”, “Ranveer Singh”, “Nick Jonas” & “Virat Kohli” etc.

Sabyasachi Wedding Collection

Awards & Achievements of Sabyasachi Mukherjee:

  • Won the most outstanding young Designer of India award by Femina British Council
  • His international ramp debut was with “grand winner award” at the Mercedes Benz New Asia Fashion week in Singapore
  • Declared as the Best Designer of India at the MTV Lycra style awards
  • He is the only Indian designer to become a part of all three leading fashion weeks such as New York, Milan and London Fashion Week.
  • Asia Inc. a Singapore based Business magazine has been Voted him as one of the ten most influential Indians in Asia
  • A retail place owned by him at the tiny London store voted by Vogue as the best shopping destination in the world
  • He pioneered the use of Indian textiles although in a modern context
  • Reckoned as the future of Indian fashion on a cover by Women’s Wear Daily, considered the most coveted international trade magazine.

Contact Details (To Shop Online):

Whatsapp on: +91-9990224411 / 9319560379

Get your Quote:  +91-9990224411 / 9319560379

Mail to: info@carmaonlineshop.com



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