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Dapper Dressing: Corneliani’s Made to Measure suits!

Dapper Dressing
Focusing on India

From dressing writing legends Frederick Forsyth and Michael Connelly to Hollywood stars John Travolta and George Clooney, luxury label Corneliani has firmly established itself as a leader in the men’s formal wear category.  Ever since the Maison came to India, it has seen a consistent growth in sales of up to 10-12% annually. That’s mainly because it hit the ground running and didn’t wait to be discovered by Indian consumers. It regularly reaches out to its customers about its bespoke tailoring. The company has organised several high tea events in Chandigarh and Bangalore for HNIs to familiarise them with the Corneliani experience. It has held similar exhibitions and special previews in tier II cities and taken the brand to newer markets. 

Also, its ‘made to measure’ events where it provides customised fittings replete with inscribed initials, has helped the brand reach new heights; the results have been phenomenal. From robust sales of top-range designer suits during the wedding and winter seasons to basic office wear suits continue to be in demand throughout the year. The brand that retails at Delhi’s DLF Emporio Mall, Taj Mumbai, and UB City Bangalore remains bullish on India’s luxury retail market and is planning to open more stores in the coming years.


The Corneliani Man  

A typical Corneliani man belongs to the generation C — he is well travelled and has a high aesthetic appeal. He cares deeply about the four Cs — creation, connection, curation and community. These individuals tend to appreciate excellence and Corneliani fits very well in their lifestyle. The brand reflects Italian excellence with their sharp tailoring and ‘made to measure’ pieces. From elegant pinstripes to sophisticated jackets, Corneliani’s collection is as graceful as it is awe-inspiring.

Clean Cuts 

While it’s best known for its formal suits, it also has a range of sportswear, business shirts, leisure wear, T-shirts, tuxedos, jackets, ties, jeans and trousers. What makes Corneliani clothing distinctly recognisable though is the ‘Corneliani cut’. The brand believes in clean lines and sharp cuts for a polished look. Light and comfortable fabrics, micro-designs and three-dimensional effects are its USP.  Interestingly, the fabrics are so breathable that you can even sleep in their suits! In India, cashmere scarves are a big hit when teamed with well-fitted, crush free suits for the summer.  Corneliani is even working on a special ‘water-repellent’ range for the hot and humid Indian weather.  

Its fine tailoring and handcrafting mean that the collection doesn’t come cheap. Each item then has to go through a rigorous quality check to meet its international standards. It also offers a made-to-measure service, where customers are involved in the designing process. A Corneliani suit starts from Rs one lakh and can go up to Rs six lakh depending on the fabric and customisations.  

A Rich Heritage

The legendary Alfredo Corneliani, before becoming a pioneer in men’s fashion, started out with a craft company that made overcoats and raincoats in the 1930s in Italy. He had a flourishing business until the World War II broke out and he had to shut shop. His sons, Claudio and Carlalberto, however managed to revive the label in 1959. Since then, under the brothers, the brand has reached dizzying heights and has forged a niche in the menswear section because of high standards and strong craftsmanship. Now under the third generation of Cornelianis, it has made rapid expansions all over the world. According to its website, it has 553 stores globally.

Setting Trends 

It works with fabrics that are functional and durable yet rich in quality and comfort. For this, it mostly develops its own fabrics from natural fibres such as cotton, woollen tweed, wool venetians, crêpes, linen and herringbones. Each fabric goes through a painstaking process of colouring, designing and final selection from among 100s of samples. Popular Corneliani colours include navy, beige, and cream. Although fresh shades of pink, lilac and sky blue also see a surge in the summer months. 

It has four seasonal collections that follow its design principal of classy elegance. While the flagship Corneliani collection is traditional and restrained in its approach to design, the Corneliani Trend collection is geared towards fashion forward customers who have an intelligent taste. The Sportswear look combines comfort with functionality while the Via Ardigo, Styled by Corneliani is the more fashionable version of the sportswear line.

For more information, head to Corneliani, DLF Emporio, 226, 1st floor, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

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