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The Eclectic Mr Ranveer Singh


Ranveer Singh is blowing up Bollywood. The young actor is quickly becoming one of India’s top talents and most bankable star

Despite only being released one month ago, Singh’s latest film, ‘Padmaavat’, has smashed box office records in India and won Singh particular adoration from audiences and praise from professional film critics. Despite this, Singh is remarkably humble for an actor of great talent, fresh off a smash hit.

Despite finding so much success, Singh is not into one-upmanship he told a leading daily. His approach is collaborative and not competitive. Prima donnas everywhere, take note!

His choice of films and roles is diverse. The young actor still has not settled into a particular role and certainly he wants to avoid being typecast. Neither is he limited to films; Singh has acted in several plays on the stage.

Ranveer Singh, The Lead Actor From Padmaavat Dressed In Indian War Clothes

Over time, he has taken on a variety of roles in a variety of films, including multi-hero films and multi-starrers. A passion for making quality films plays into Singh’s penchant for taking a range of roles. His motivation as an artist is overwhelmingly as is his desire to make good quality films rather than merely appearing in films just to make money.His commitment to being passionate for his work is evident in everything he says and does. Certainly, his attitude about being a movie star is one that emphasises spontaneity.

Singh swings from role to role whenever he finds a film worth making. In Padmaavat, he portrays the film’s villain: an evil, bisexual, Muslim King. Some young actors, conscious of their image, might have avoided such a role, but Singh took on the part with barely a moment’s hesitation even though he knew it was risky!


Singh has definite dynamism in his acting. He was easily able to step into the role of the Muslim king Alauddin Khilji, a role many other actors would have found daunting. He certainly does like to live in the moment, and his bold and spontaneous decision certainly is paying off. Despite some controversy surrounding the film, even being banned in some Indian states, Padmaavat has already set box office records in India and audience feedback has been mostly positive.  

Although Padmaavat as a whole has failed to impress some critics, praise has been universal for Singh and his outstanding performance as Alauddin Khilji. And rightfully so; the character in the film is radically different from Singh the person.  The real-life Singh is completely disarming in his humility and good-nature. He never fails to praise his colleagues and fellow filmmakers, whom he credits for the movie’s success. 


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