Explore the Luxury Apparel & Accessories Collection’ 2019 from Jaguar

Luxury Apparel & Accessories Collection’ 2019 from Jaguar

Jaguar the synonym of performance, quality, advancement and style is presenting to you its very fresh and on-trend Luxury Apparels for men, women and kids. Gear up for the Jaguar’s Luxury Apparel & Accessories Collection’ 2019.

Life is all about feelings, not just about figures. It is something about the moments that can fortify your soul, the occasions that can make you overwhelmed and something about the instances that leave you dumbstruck. These are the moments you live for. That’s why the designers and engineers at Jaguar- “A true definition of Luxuryproffers you with a blend of responsive performance and remarkable designs. Their vehicles are the reflection of their passion. Jaguar is the brand that is born to perform and the performance of its vehicle can’t be measured, it can only be felt. That is why they call it art.

Jaguar is serving its client base with its Luxury Cars and Bathroom Sanitary Products from several years. But in 2015, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has launched its “Lifestyle Collection” in India. Their Exclusive Collection of Clothing & Accessories is inspired by their vehicles and made with a perfect “British sense of Style”. At Jaguar, they make the Luxury clothes and accessories that love to live outdoors. Their apparels & collectibles are comfortable and full of smart features. Every stitch of Jaguar’s accessories has dynamic designs and their every item from a key-ring to their clothing is crafted to Jaguar standards.

Luxury Apparel & Accessory Collection by Jaguar Land Rover in India:

Luxury Apparel & Accessories Collection’ 2019 from Jaguar

Jaguar the synonym of performance, quality, advancement and style, is representing these characteristics with the introduction of a wide range of branded goods designed for people with sophisticated taste. Its high-end product range includes clothing, gifts, accessories and luggage for both men and women. They have also come up with a range of products designed exclusively for kids. Their new collection contains over 300 high-quality products. Both the brands “Jaguar and Land Rover” are strongly associated with Luxury, Revolution and Style. And with the launch of the new branded goods collection, they are catering to the demands of a wider range of the people who are brand enthusiasts & keen to be associated with these iconic brands in many ways.


What does the luxury collection encompass?

The collection includes high fashion clothing for the whole family, along with durable and versatile luggage trolleys & bags. These can be paired with the accessories designed with quintessentially British Style. The very beautifully designed clothing includes “T-shirts”, “Caps” and “Scarves” for men, women and kids. Apart from the main clothing range, there is a huge collection for kids, for instance, the iconic “Adventure Bear T-shirts” for boys and girls, “Baseball Caps” and “Toy Models”. Their accessories include legacy, idealism and liveliness and these have been created with the same dedication & attention as their vehicles. Let us have a look at some of their collections below:

Accessories Collection’ 2019 from Jaguar

  • MEN'S JACKETS AND GILETS: Every stitch for Men’s Apparels is designed to last for a long time and designed in a way to impress everyone. Their men’s apparels range is sufficient to make you stand out of the crowd.
  • JAGUAR LUGGAGE COLLECTION: The Jaguar Luggage Collection has products which are easy to carry but difficult to repel. These are made from the finest materials and give you a travel experience like a breeze.
  • WOMEN'S JACKETS AND GILETS: The collection of Women’s Jackets & Gilets is designed to make you depart from the ordinary. With finest quality material & unique British designs, they give you an out of the world experience.
  • KIDS WORLD: JLR collection comprises of Comfortable, Practical & Stylish Children’s clothes that are exclusively designed to Liven Up your kids’ wardrobe.


Things that make JLR collection Stands out:

    • The exclusive luxury products of JLR are designed by the company’s in-house design team. That is guaranteed to appeal to every Jaguar Land Rover Expert in the country.
    • The Luxury Lifestyle Collection of Jaguar compasses all categories from cufflinks to entire luggage sets. And these exquisite products have been finished in the finest of the material having a great emphasis on every detail.
    • The Jaguar Land Rover Collection comprises of Heritage’57 Collection and new Lifestyle Collection. The Heritage’57 Collection comprises of some Graphic T-Shirts, Men’s Drivers Jacket, Caps, Zip-through Jacket, Paddock Shirt.
    • Key-rings are so specially designed that draw inspiration from Jaguar’s racing history and the winning car that appeals to every car enthusiastic.


The prices of few of the Luxury Items are as follows, which definitely make them distinct:

Luxury Apparel & Accessories Collection’ 2019 from Jaguar

  • The Men’s leather jacket of Heritage’57 is priced at INR 98,000
  • The Jaguar D-TYPE 1957 Le Mans winner scale model is priced at INR 6,65,856 .
  • Heritage Chronograph Watch is priced at INR 49,000.
  • Shot glasses of Jaguar’s heritage have a price tag of INR 5,09,167.


Jaguar Gifting Guide:

The festive collection from Jaguar comprises with Stunning gifts, apparel and lifestyle accessories that will surely delight the enthusiast and light up the occasion. Jaguar encompasses a wide range of apparels (Heritage Leather Jackets, Polos, Sweatshirts etc.) watches, sunglasses and many other products for men.

Women, there is a range of apparels from cotton t-shirts to branded driving jacket, Sunglasses with a choice of contemporary styles and heritage classics with state-of-the-art UV protection and Luxury accessories to pair with. In the junior’s collection they have stylish clothes, toys with front and rear LED lights, soft-touch seat and low-noise tires etc.

Their travel collection includes leather holdalls to umbrellas and stylish Jaguar keyrings. It encompasses a wide range of contemporary luggage made from ultra-resistant polycarbonate, Jaguar ultimate pen for jewels like detail writing and the scale models that comprises of toys to handcrafted model cars. You can refer to the Jaguar Gifting Guide for further details.

Final Words:

Jaguar with the UK creativity, designs very British and very current products but make them always connected to heritage. JLR works with the ethos that good design should always tell a compelling story. Jaguar believes that the design can make lives better. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility continually evolving to create unique products by challenging themselves. People feel a profound emotional connection with JLR’s each and every product. They offer innovator in design but without compromising the pure elegance, excitement, beautiful proportions and performance every time. Anything you can imagine, they can create.

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