Expect the unexpected with Versace-inspired interiors

A luxurious and comfortable chair designed in golden and grey, with printed golden covers by Versace to a royal touch to your beautiful room.

Luxury behemoth plans to bring their Italian furniture assortment to India

Luxury furniture brands in India will need to step up their design game this year, as the vanguards of Italian furniture design, Versace, plans its foray into the lucrative Indian luxury markets. As the design and fashion worlds increasingly look up to emerging markets like India where consumers are hungry for the essence of the brands and the lifestyles they represent, to compensate for wobbly consumer spending in Europe and other regions, luxury furniture 2018 will require some reimagining.  

Gianni Versace, Italian fashion and lifestyle major, is one of the most revered fashion houses in the world. Founded in 1978, the Milan-based House of Versace is steeped in a legacy of over four decades in designing, fashion and lifestyle products that include haute couture, accessories, jewellery, watches, eyewear, fragrances, and home furnishings.

Versace plans on launching its high-end Italian furniture in India, as a part of the Versace Home Collection, after the tremendous successes of its staple fashion product lines – Versace jeans, Versace watches and Versace shoes, the aspirational quotient credited to the couture lines of Versace Collection, and the triumphs of their real estate portfolios in Mumbai and Delhi.

A room designed by Versace with matching bed and side tables along with cupboards with interiros that are purely made of white and dark brown hues.

While the home collections have long been the brand spin-off for all big-name fashion houses, there is an increasing foray into the more complex world of complete furniture lines, highlighting the strong creative synergies between the two realms of fashion and living spaces.

An extension of the House of Versace, the Versace Home Collection is also poised to be the standard bearer of Italian excellence throughout the world. Originally created in 1992 as a fabric collection and followed by porcelain dinner sets crafted in collaboration with Rosenthal, today, the Versace Collection spans a diverse product spectrum including their Italian furniture line, with newer themes and unique established decorative emblems from Medusa to myriad neo-classical Greek elements.

With a sensibility for materials, compositions, colours, patterns and proportions, the Versace Home Collection is a sensory overload, with such a magnificent repertoire that would make a Medici feel right at home.

The Versace inspired interiors carry the eponymous Gianni Versace aesthetics – its bold, rich, sultry and everything other than the standard and the moderate, feeding a decadent style that encompasses a European allure and rock-star brashness, appealing to a world of artists, connoisseurs and fashion aficionados, alike.

Designed in Donatella’s vision of perfecting the blend of fashion and design, in the Versace Home Collection, the Versace furniture pieces are high fashion in 3D. The Versace furniture line is a heady trip through colourful, iconic patterns, framed by the brand’s Greek frieze — all marking a strong return to Versace’s original Baroque sensibilities.

 Interior design at its best! Chairs and bed by Versace in different and attractive colors teaming comfort with a whole lot of fashion

The Versace furniture line soars above the generic luxury furniture brands, as each piece exudes the true spirit of Versace. It is made out of the most luxurious fabrics, replete with their famous patterns, prints and colour combinations, and designed in their signature larger-than-life grandiose style. Each piece of these artistically-crafted Italian furniture is in sync with the philosophy of the house, combining luxury with comfort, creativity and craftsmanship.

Drawing on baroque, vestal and aquatic themes, for the shiny Italian design furniture made with a range of fabrics and prints, the Versace furniture lines reflect the leitmotifs of the brand: Vanitas, Greek Key, Baroque and Medusa staring boldly at you, which have long been a part of the Versace design lexicon.

From a single chair that combines leopard prints, gold, heraldic crests and crowns to velvet cushions with delicate trompe l’oeil motifs, which once decorated the palazzos of Italy’s elite to a  hand-embroidered in gold atop an impeccably-designed circular leather bed – each piece in the Versace furniture collection is wall-to-wall luxe!

Expect the unexpected with Versace. The fusion between fashion and design has never been as strong as it is with Versace’s furniture line reflecting the quintessential dressmaker detailing in furniture. Tight, well-done designs in bold hues, large sizes and layers of tufting speak volumes about Versace’s signature look and validate the brand’s love for brilliance.

 Floral sofa sets in pastel hues by Versace in different designs and colours plus stunning sofas on the side that have been covered in a lovely cerulean blue that's perfect for your living room.

In India, we are eagerly awaiting the Versace Furniture Collection. With plans to loop in local distribution after the launch, these Italian design furniture pieces would continue to be crafted in Italy to maintain the highest levels of Italian artistry. With an eclectic mix of popular culture and high fashion, these signature Italian design furniture pieces from the House of Versace are most certainly poised to occupy a pride of place in your home. Watch this space for more!

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