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Before we tell you who we are, we would like you to recall a memorable scene from Pretty Woman. Richard Gere is waiting in the lobby for Julia Roberts who finally descends looking like a vision in a rather revealing scarlet gown. She turns around to him and asks if she was looking okay? An awestruck Gere says, “Something is missing,” and presents her with a jaw-dropping diamond necklace consisting of 23 heart-shaped rubies to match her beauty and outfit. The necklace dazzles on her petite frame and brings out that killer cheek-to-jowl smile.

Luxury does that, you know? It’s a mix of adrenaline, aspiration and awesomeness. It has the ability to make your hormones rise by several notches, as you flaunt an LV dress or a Gucci jacket teamed with a pair of Jimmy Choos or Casa Fagliano shoes. We all want it. However, the exclusiveness of luxury constantly puts us in a dilemma. It’s that state between wanting and not-being-able-to-buy-it! This is what we want to fix for you.

Luxurypage.com is an endeavour to make luxury accessible and affordable to all and sundry. Yes, you heard it right! We would like all of you to know luxury and its many goods like the back of your hand. Luxurypage.com will report on bespoke fashion, jewellery, travel, gadgets and a whole lot of other important topics from the league of luxury so that you are well-informed. From brands that occupy retail space at DLF Emporio or not, we will apprise you about high-end names that you’ve never even heard about. Luxury will no longer be the prerogative of the high-browed. We will convert it into comfort for you. So, that when you want it, there’s no way you wouldn’t have it!