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How much does it worth taking a Lunch/Dinner at Bukhara Restaurant

Lunch/Dinner at Bukhara Restaurant

Whenever we start talking about Delhi – India’s Capital, it suddenly evokes some pictures in our mind of some broad tree-lined paths, modern infrastructure amalgamated with some old world architectures like the Red Fort & Qutub Minar, the smooth Metro network which is making travel within the city much easier. But above all these things, it’s being the national capital that sets Delhi apart. True to its identity, Delhi possesses a number of Luxury Hotels & Restaurants.

There are times when we miss the reason that why there is hype around some particular Restaurants or some food landmarks in the Capital (Delhi). The hype is generally a bubble that bursts on our face as soon as we had the first bite of the delicious food there. Bukhara Restaurant is such a place in Delhi. Bukhara at ITC Maurya, Established in the year 1978 is recognized as the best Indian restaurant worldwide and dining there is truly an affair to remember.

Bukhara an iconic food landmark in Delhi, is more than just food – it is an experience. India’s celebrated Luxurious Restaurant thronged by famous personalities from across the Globe caters you with the experience of an old world. It welcomes you with its unsophisticated charm and the fragrance of the famous Dal Bukhara. They emphasize traditional Indian cooking methods,

In-fact their menu hasn’t been changed for years and the food is presented on a wooden board and every dish it serves is commendable.

Bukhara Restaurant

Surprising Facts to know about Bukhara:

1. Awards: Bukhara has been rewarded with 37 awards in total which include:

  • It has won the ‘Restaurant Magazine Award’ for being amongst the Best 50 Restaurants in the World & Best in Asia 7 times.
  • Winner of the ‘Miele Asia Award’ for being amongst the Top 20 Restaurants in Asia 6 times.
  • Won the ‘Times Food Award’ 10 times.
  • 1-time winner of “Golden Fork Award for Restaurant of the Year for Indian Cuisine”.

2. Facts to know: There are some interesting facts about Bukhara you must enjoy knowing:

  • A special place in the New York best seller Thousand Places To See Before You Die is given to Bukhara by Patricia Schultz.
  • Some of the famous International Celebrities have experienced the legendary flavors of Bukhara including British Prime Minister David Cameron, Russian President Vladamir Puin, Singapore President Seellapan Rama etc.
  • Indian artist, M.F. Husain was so much inspired by visiting at Bukhara so that he painted his trademark horse on his canvas while dining at the restaurant.
  • Bukhara is stick to maintain its predictability. To do this, Chefs have very strict food quality specifications to follow. For example, the prawns have to be 80 grams or more Even if it is 79 grams, it got rejected.
  • In these days of the constant change, where every restaurant is changing to take on a new ‘avatar’, to capture the imagination of its customers, Bukhara has retained the same. 
  • Did you know that Bukhara has sold till now: 
    – More than 7.75 million of its star dishes. 
    – More than 2.5 million of creamy Dal Bukhara 
    – More than 1.75 million Murgh Malai Kebabs.

Things that make your mind Blow:

A great restaurant is one that just makes you feel that you are not sure whether you went out or you came home. If it can do both the thing at the same time, it’s Bukhara. Let us now talk about the thing which will give you a totally different experience of dining.

  1. Ambiance: More than anything else, Ambience of a Restaurant is the most influential thing as it is enough to drive you crazy. This North Indian cuisine restaurant (Bukhara) offers a totally modern yet ethnic experience where the live display kitchen of the restaurant would attract the eye of any visitor. The Décor of the place also incorporates stone walls that have Bukhara carpets hung on it. Along with these things, they ensure that the guests are given checkered aprons while dining and they encourage people to eat with their hands so that to experience and enjoy the typical tastes of the Indian cuisines offered by the Restaurant.

  2. Specialty in Dishes: Their iconic dish is Dal Bukhara. It is something of a pilgrimage one must undergo, and rightly so, as this is a combination of whole urad dal, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic. They cooked and simmered the dal over slow coal fires of the tandoor overnight for 18 hours at a stretch. It’s just mesmerizing!!!

    Their tikkas and kebabs are skillfully soaked in the finest of spices and then carefully char-grilled for the perfection. Their other star dishes include:
  • Barrah Kebab – Juicy chunky pieces of lamb spiced in yoghurt, vinegars and char-grilled dish.
  • Sikandari Raan: – Beautiful Tandoori Rendition. It has tenderness with which the meat falls off the bone with layers upon layers.
  • Murgh Malai Kebab – Creamy succulent pieces of chicken kebab marinated in cream cheese, vinegar and spices like coriander.
  • Tandoori Cottage Cheese – Cubes of Paneer (Cheese) cooked in a tandoor.
  • Gulab Jamun – Medium-sized round dumplings cooked in milk and stuffed with cardamom and pistachios give it a stunning flavor.
  • Phirni – A light dessert which is made up of milk and rice and served cold.

  1. Hospitality & Services: Hospitality is central to any Restaurant Business, yet it is a hard idea to define precisely. You notice it when it is there and you also notice particularly it when it isn’t. A single significant lapse can be your dominant impression of an entire meal. So being nice to people and making them feel welcomed is crucial as it is the only feeling which you take back home.

    Just like any great place, it is how you treat your guests make a difference. The staff of Bukhara is courteous and well mannered, they give you a warm and friendly welcome with fantastic customer service. They also guide you what to have in case you are not sure what to try.  Those people cannot let go a guest without savoring some sweet. Their saying is like: ” We cannot let you go without some sweet”  And this sweet dish is of course complimentary. The overall experience of customer service and hospitality is very impactful there.
  2. Chefs: Can you ever imagine a Restaurant to be great without good chefs. Chefs are the people who make the success of a restaurant reality. With correct techniques and understanding of the elements of the food, the chef can continue innovating & evolving. Chef J.P. Singh is the executive chef at Bukhara. He has had the privilege of delighting dignitaries and Heads of State from across the globe with his skills in Indian Cuisine. He has widely traveled many countries for promoting the popular Bukhara cuisine and demonstrating his culinary skills at eminent International forums.

He is known to have cooked for who is who of the world, including “Barack Obama” and was awarded Life Time Achievement Award at the Top Chef Awards 2014. He is a 7-time winner of the “Restaurant Magazine Award” for being amongst the best 50 Restaurants in the World and the best in Asia. His Biography has been featured in IWWC- International who is who of the chefs from the USA. The best Hotel Chef and his team of chefs use the Food trends and techniques to bring revolutionary changes in Indian Food yet they keep the essence of the old world alive.

ITC Maurya, Diplomatic Enclave, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi

Contact Details:

Head to: ITC Maurya, Diplomatic Enclave, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi – 110021

Say Hello at:  9111 26112233

Reservations at: reservations@itchotels.in

Visit for more detailshttps://bit.ly/2rGnUoX

Final Thought:

Too many people eat to consume calories, try dining at Bukhara for a revolutionary experience. Food is just one part of this experience & it has to be 60-70% of the dinning but the rest things also count i.e. the atmosphere, the music, the feeling, and customer satisfaction. It is the harmony between what you have on the plate and what is surrounds the plate. At world’s one of the best Luxury Restaurants i.e. at Bukhara, you will get all the things at their best. So taking a Lunch/Dinner at Bukhara Restaurant is 100% worthy. You should try dining at Bukhara at least once, it will definitely drive you away.


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