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New Perfume Boutique: Scentido, Mumbai


Scentido is a niche boutique bringing to Mumbai perfumes from around the world

Located in the Fort District of South Mumbai, tucked away amidst the bustling business district, this little boutique is already changing the way the fashion conscious of Mumbai smell…

In keeping with Mumbai’s storied history as a nexus of trade between East and West, Scentido is importing scents from all around the world. Shishir Mehta, the founder of Scentido, was inspired to open his own perfumery after travelling the world own and seeing such establishments at fashion capitals he visited. It was a brilliant insight to bring them back to India. With so many small, independent brands available today, one no longer needs to only rely on Gucci or Chanel for one’s scent.  

For the moment, Scentido has a particular emphasis on fragrances produced by small perfumeries in North America, Continental Europe, and Great Britain. These small perfumeries usually have a relatively limited pool of select clientele, with whom the perfume producers have a close and responsive relationship. As a result, the perfume makers are dedicated to crafting perfumes and fragrances which perfectly match and compliment the style of their clients, and the resulting product is usually unparalleled in quality and effect.

A wide range of blissful scents by roja in designer golden bottles embellished with acvaried series of colorful tops.

What Mehta has aimed to do is bring that sense of community, that bond between the small perfume house and its customers to the luxury fashion market in India. So far, he’s done a spectacular job. Scentido has assembled a fine assortment of fragrances from various countries, and they all represent the great many different approaches to the task of smelling as good as one looks. Included behind Scentido’s doors are scents nearly as old as the industry itself, as well as the latest brands making their way into the market, and everything in between!

Bottled up scents by roja luxury brand in jet black attractive bottles, carved upon with golden the logo and name of luxury.

Their range includes everything from the outrageous—such as Roja Haute Luxe, which contains real gold flakes to the more sensible fragrances that can be a part of everyday fashion. Indeed, the range is so comprehensive that any attempt to catalogue it all is doomed to fail. In addition to the available panoply of scents is the beauty of the shop itself. Carefully decorated in Art Deco with a range of perfumes on display, Scentido is well-worth a visit to anyone in Mumbai who wants to be dressed to impress.  

A collection of different bottled up heavenly scents in a random manner, each of them belonging to some luxury brand.

At Scentido, the variety of fragrances on offer reflects the incredible subtlety of our sense of smell. Too often this power goes unappreciated. One’s scent is a distinct and yet underappreciated aspect of style. For men in particular, a perfume or cologne gives that much-needed variety where men’s fashion is otherwise limited to a narrow band of options. While there are only so many combinations of suit and tie, smell is such an intricate sense of perception that no two scents can ever really be the same.

A posh collection of perfume available in attractive and colorful bottles and boxes on the display.

This is backed by biology. Our olfactory senses are hardwired directly to our brains. Humans have a powerful ability to associate a particular smell with a particular time and place. It is why we experience a flood of emotion if we smell something similar to say our grandmother’s perfume. Or why we can remember exactly where we were when we last smelled the same scent. A good perfume then is an indispensable part of one’s wardrobe. Whether it is making a good first impression in the boardroom or on a date, a pleasant scent will be the first thing people notice about a person. Whether they consciously realise it or not a scent will be burnished in their memory for a long time to come. Scentido of course knows all of this. They have gone out of their way to be the finest purveyors of perfume in Mumbai, and possibly India. It has provided the discerning fashionista so many options that finding one perfectly suited to their lifestyle will not be a problem. Indeed, it’s not finding one perfume which is difficult; it is choosing one perfume! Scentido’s sommeliers are working hard to stock deluxe perfumes to their shop in Mumbai. And, it will all be well more than any scent!

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