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Find the perfect fit for your feet at Berluti

Find the perfect fit for your feet at Berluti

From lifestyle shoes, ready-to-wear pieces, leather accessories that include the iconic Alessandro shoes, Un Jour and Deux Jour briefcases, and Playtime sneakers—the boutique at DLF Emporio Mall is well-stocked.

At the store you can expect personal care and attention. According to Gaganmeet Singh, the CEO of Bequest group, “Berluti Paris’ exclusive partnership with Bequest ensures that its global standards are maintained in India as well. The retail staff has been given extensive training to provide a Paris-like experience to discerning shoppers.”

Once you pick up a pair of Berlutis, you won’t have to carry them all the way to London for a Patina touch up. The brand offers a lifetime servicing of leather goods purchased from their boutiques.

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The privilege of owning a Berluti

It takes up to 50 man hours to make a pair of Berlutis from scratch—six hours of which is spent by its master craftsmen to shape a wooden block into a mould of the customer’s foot. You can choose from Berluti’s bespoke shapes such as the Alessandro, Gaspard and Andy for your prized pair.

But what makes the shoes truly special is the use of customized leather. From Venezia skin—full-grain raw leather made using mineral and vegetable tanning that has been patented for use by Berluti, and calfskin, kangaroo hide and alligator skin—the shoemaker works with only the best material from around the world. It also uses exotic and rare skins of ostrich, bullfrog and sharkskin for decorative trims. Each part of the shoe is dyed and treated in house including the soles!

The finishing touch

The Patina or the art of hand colouring leather is what adds style to a Berluti. Many techniques for colouring and bleaching the leather are used through the application of dyes, essential oils, pigments and solvents.

The shoes are patiently massaged for an entire day with essential oils laden with natural pigments and different types of wax before colouring. Just like a painting, no two pairs are exactly the same.

Each pair can take six to nine months to get ready, depending on the design. The attention to detail doesn’t stop there though. When a pair is finished, the shoes are put in a special leather box, which also goes through the same painstaking process of designing and polishing. Since the boxes are magnetic, they can easily be stacked on top of each other. A picture of the shoes is also included on the front for ease of identification.

The men behind the brand

Since 1895 the Parisian shoe house has been built by four generations of shoemakers. 
The founder Alessandro Berluti is credited for inventing the Alessandro shoe—a signature lace-up style made from a single piece of leather.

Now, being headed by LVMH—Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, the European multinational luxury goods conglomerate, its CEO Antoine Arnault has expanded the brand to include leather belts, bags, wallets, as well as bespoke garments. Designer Haider Ackermann was named its new creative director in 2016 and has brought his his vision of nomadic-cool to the menswear collection.

The Identity

Just like the men leading the brand, there is a contemporary sensibility to everything that Berluti does. Arnaut recently said in an interview that they ensure the product remains the same for everyone irrespective of which country they are working in whether it is Paris, New York or Tokyo. With such a level of commitment, it comes as no surprise that Berlutis continue to rank right up there in terms of quality and a timeless style. As for its loyal and luxury-loving fan base, fulfil your Berluti dreams, right here, as the brand takes its store tally up to 11 with their Delhi debut.

Berluti, DLF Emporio mall

126A, Ground Floor
4 Nelson Mandela Road
New Delhi
Web: http://www.berluti.com/

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