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Get Yourself A Goyard!


get-yourself-a-goyardget-yourself-a-goyardWhat makes Goyard – the 286-year-old Parisian bag maker a favourite of celebrities? 

Goyard hollywood designer Saint Louis tote handbag Kardashian Kerry Washington Gwyneth Paltrow

Everyone has their go-to tote bag and Hollywood’s leading ladies are no exception. While the likes of Katie Holmes and Sofia Vergara swear by their LV ‘Neverfull’, Goyard’s Saint Louis tote has a strong fan following among Kourtney Kardashian, Kerry Washington and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Unlike LV though, Goyard is not easily available. Neither is it as well known as Hermès or Chanel that can be seen everywhere on magazines, billboards and TV ads. Yet, when it comes to luxury travel, the brand is the preferred choice of many hotshots. Despite keeping a low profile, what makes the brand so coveted?

Quality over Quantity

The bag maker’s impressive reputation is largely due to its high quality standards. Since 1792, when the House of Goyard was formed, it has counted Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the erstwhile Maharaja of Kapurthala and most recently Karl Lagerfeld among its customers.  The Maison doesn’t believe in mass-production and still sells its 200 year old designs (a 19th century trunk is available at its store for $60,000). A visit to Goyard’s flagship store in Paris will show you how brilliantly it maintains its legacy. There are trunks and cases from a bygone era, flanked by vintage totes and duffle bags made of crocodile skin. Only recently it has added wallets, dog collars, belts and pen cases to its collection.

Whispering Luxury  

While the market is saturated with Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton that have gone all out with fashion shows, tie-ups with celebrities and rapidly opening flagship stores across the world, Goyard has been silently cruising along.  The company has always adopted a low-key approach to its branding. At a time when others rely heavily on social media engagement and online sales, Goyard has been quite slow to adapt. 

Its 300 thousand followers on Instagram are hardly a match to Louis Vuitton’s 22.6 million. You won’t find Goyard advertisements announcing a sale anywhere or even a launch of a new product, as that is not the Maison’s style. Instead of screaming, it likes to whisper luxury, which surprisingly works very well for the brand. Without spending a dollar on advertising, it managed to clock in revenue of $51 million in 2013, according to the company’s last known annual sales report.

A peek into the showroom of the luxury bag brand goyard which is eqaully luxurious and rather spacious.
The Appeal of Secrecy 

Goyard does not engage in any form of e-commerce and has only 14 boutiques worldwide (paling in comparison to LV’s 460 stores). Its inaccessibility though has not dimmed its demand. On the contrary, it piques the interest of buyers even more. According to Google trends, the interest around the brand is on a steady increase since 2016 and on EBay, its second hand totes sell for as much as the original price. This alternate path to sales adds a lot of value to the brand’s appeal. The secrecy is especially alluring to buyers who like collecting exclusive and limited edition pieces.  

The brand positions itself as ‘timeless’ as it does not follow or set trends. It doesn’t even have any well-known designers working behind the curtains. Instead, it relies on its personalisation service to build a cult following. You can get a personal touch added to your bags with stripes, monogrammed initials or any other symbols of your choice. This ‘inside status’, which comes with a hefty price tag adds to the brand’s appeal.

Crowd Favourite

If you are looking for a reliable bag, Goyard should be on your radar. Its quality bags will help you navigate from travel to shopping effortlessly. These are its three highest selling bags: 

The Saint Louis tote seems to be a winner all the way. It’s made from canvas, a mixture of cotton, hemp and linen, and is durable and waterproof. You can use it as a stylish beach bag or a roomy travel bag. Its price starts from $1,200.  The Anjou reversible is a mix of leather and canvas and is monogrammed on both sides. Currently, it is only available at the Paris and New York stores for a starting price of $2,450.  The Saigon has a vintage look similar to a Hermès. Its top handle side slats are made of wood and the large central buckle looks very lady-like.  Whichever style and colour you prefer, a Goyard can set you on the right path to luxury!

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